Mystery of the red poppies!

Red poppies have started appearing all over Hollingbourne and nobody has owned up to placing them. Just now three have been spotted on the M20 bridge on the B2163 and others have been seen by the Eyhorne Street bridge over the bourne and on the land belonging to the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust behind Tilefields.

At least one local resident has had a number pushed anonymously through his letterbox.

Although nobody just now has admitted to distributing these imitation poppies although there is local speculation that it could be linked to the recently launched joint appeal for funds by the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust and the Leeds and Hollingbourne Branch of the Royal British Legion to plant 100 hawthorn trees on Meadows Trust land to mark the hundredth anniversary of the end of WW1. However at the moment no information is available.

Pictured below are three poppies attached to the railings on the B2163 bridge over the M20 near to Hollingbourne Corner on the A20. 

Three imitation poppies on the Eyhorne Street bridge over the M20 in March 2018.