New Brexit emergency planning pack from the Kent Resilience Forum.

In addition to the two Brexit emergency planning packs received by the Hollingbourne Parish Council, a third 10 page one has been received which deals with possible traffic disruption in Kent following Brexit. The two previously received documents cover Brexit and businesses and Households and Brexit. A 35 page document that was issued to all Kent Parish Councils in January was immediately withdrawn for reasons that are not clear except it did give hints to Councils on how to avoid Freedom of Information requests.

The Household one recommends that  each dwelling has an emergency box or bag with a first aid kit, bottled water, food, a torch, a battery powered radio, candles, and other essentials.

The three packs can be downloaded below:

A new 10 page document covering possible traffic disruption  following Brexit can be downloaded here:  KRF-EU-exit-contingency-plans.pdf (83 downloads)

A 2 page document for businesses and how to prepare for Brexit can be downloaded here : Be-Ready-BC-checklist.pdf (92 downloads)

A 4 page document for households and how to prepare for Brexit can be downloaded here: Household-Emergency-Plan-Leaflet.pdf (100 downloads)

The website of the Kent Resilience Forum is at

Maidstone Borough Council has also launched a Brexit website at

At the time of writing no precise date has been set for Brexit which was originally planned for the 29th March. Depending on Parliament and the EU it may happen on 12th April, 22nd May, or some other date.

Meanwhile an online petition started on 20th March to stop rescind Article 50 and to stop Brexit has attracted nearly 6 million signatures and more information is at with nearly 8 thousand signatories in the Faversham and Mid Kent Constituency which includes Hollingbourne.

Another petition to leave the EU with “no deal” has attracted about one tenth of the number supporting the stopping of Brexit and more details are at

The recent Brexit voting record from 30th January 2019 onwards of Faversham and Mid Kent MP, Mrs Helen Whately, who represents Hollingbourne, can be viewed at THis page also has a link to Mrs May’s Brexit deal which has been supported by Mrs Whately.

Yesterday Hollingbourne experienced the first impact of Brexit when Operation Brock was started which turned the M20 from Hollingbourne to Ashford into a possible holding area for 2000 lorries awaiting Customs at Dover and Eurotunnel if the UK leaves the EU Customs Union. The London bound side of the motorway now has a contraflow system with a 50mph speed limit. One immediate effect is that it is no longer possible to join the M20 coast bound at Junction 8 which means that drivers will have to go back up the M20 to Junction 7 before turning around to come back to drive past Hollingbourne. Alternatively drivers can drive down the A20 and join the M20 coast bound at Junction 9. One concern is that any traffic incidents in the narrow contraflow system will divert traffic on to the A20 which will result in traffic issues in local villages including Hollingbourne.

Pictured below is the start of Operation Brock at Junction 8 of the M20 in Hollingbourne.

Junction 8 of the M20 with the closed up coast bound access on the right bend.