New editor for Hollingbourne website.

At this evening’s meeting of the Hollingbourne Parish Council it was agreed to appoint Eyhorne Street resident Maria Domican as Editor of this website in succession to John Cobbett who is leaving Hollingbourne after 35 years and who also resigned from the Parish Council this evening.

The November Parish Council meeting in the Cardwell Pavilion was very well attended and many of those present were there to express concern about the 10 proposed site for development in the Parish which were announced by Maidstone Borough Council on 4th November as part of their “Call for Sites” initiative. More information is at .

Parish Council Chairman Adam Ward and local MBC Councillor Patrik Garten emphasised that the nominated sites were only suggestions at this stage and it was agreed that the Parish Council would study the list in more detail in the likelihood that most if not all would be opposed by the Parish Council for various reasons. Parish Councillor Catherine O’Meara advised the meeting that some sites were in ancient woodland, in the local ANOB, and had public footpaths crossing them. Parish Councillor John Cobbett reminded the meeting that Maidstone Borough Council ignored the concerns of Hollingbourne Parish when the previous “Call for Sites” exercise was done in 2014.

Parish Councillors John Cobbett and Michael Gray reported on the October Town Hall Meeting with the Maidstone Borough Council Brexit Team. More information is at appears that Hollingbourne in particular, as the gateway to Operation Brock, could be very badly hit by traffic problems if and when the UK leaves the Customs Union. The possibility of using the Hollingbourne Village Hall as a reception centre for lorry drivers stuck on the M20 awaiting Customs for hours or days was mentioned as well as many other issues. Parish Councillor Simon Hulme suggested that a village contingency plan be formulated to look after Hollingbourne’s elderly and vulnerable residents who may be at risk due to the lack of food and medical services. It was agreed to do this after the December General Election.

A full report of the November Parish Council Meeting will follow.

Pictured below is Maria Domican who is taking over responsibility for the Hollingbourne Village website with immediate effect.

Maria Domican – Hollingbourne Website Editor – November 2019.