New number 13 bus times and other local June news in brief. – Updated through the month

Nu Venture Buses who serve Hollingbourne from Monday to Friday have announced new services times which are reproduced below

BUS 13 – NEW MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS TIMES ON AND FROM 18 JUNE 2018. Bus 65 is discontinued.

Mondays to Fridays – No service on Bank, National or Public Holidays. 
Service operated by Nu-Venture 01622 882288

Saturday Service operated by Arriva 0344 800 4411 with times shown in italics

Service number 13 
Hollingbourne Church 0712 0930 1130 1255 1425 1645 1007 1127 1327 1447 1447
Eyhorne Street 0714 0932 1132 1257 1427 1647 1010 1130 1330 1450 1450
A20 Great Danes Hotel 0716 0934 1134 1259 1429 1649 1012 1132 1332 1452 1452
* Leeds Castle Main Entrance – – – 1301 1431 1651 1014 1134 1334 1454 1454
B2163 Leeds Castle Gates 0717 0935 1135 1302 1432 1652 1015 1135 1335 1455 1455
Leeds George 0719 0937 1137 1304 1434 1654 1016 1136 1336 1456 1456
Leeds Upper St, Burgess Hall Drive 0722 0940 1140 1307 1437 1657 1019 1139 1339 1459 1459
Langley Heath Skinners Way 0732 0945 1145 1312 1442 1702 1022 1142 1342 1502 1502
Otham Whte Horse 0727 0951 1151 VIA A274
Sutton Rd opp Morrisons 0738 0956 1156 1321 1451 1711 1033 1153 1348 1508 
Wheatsheaf A229 0742 1000 1200 1325 1455 1715 1037 1157 1352 1512 1512
MAIDSTONE HIGH ST opposite Town Hall 0755x 1006 1206 1335 1505 1725 1045 1205 1400 1520 1520

Codes: * = Served 1 April to 31 October annually.
x = Arrives 5 mins earlier in Kent School Holidays

A Saturdays timetable applies on working days between Christmas and New Year.

Other Local News.

A petition has been launched to reduce the speed limit through Hollingbourne to 20mph from the present 30mph following the two recent fatal accidents involving local domestic cats. The petition can be signed at Christopher’s Village Shop in Eyhorne Street.

The Summer Fete and Exemption Dog Show on 9th June on the Lance Memorial Playing Field was a great success despite an accident on Hollingbourne Corner which closed the road from the A20 for part of the afternoon. The event was opened by the Reverend Paul Kite, the new Team Vicar for Hollingbourne. Hopefully pictures and more information will follow. If you have any pictures of the day which you are happy to have published on the village website please send them as JPEG attachments to the  Website editor via the contact link on the Home Page. If the 2019 Fete is held on the same day next year the provisional date would be 8th June.

Former Tilefields and Pilgrim’s Way resident Andrew Hales has died. He was a local Estate Agent and a keen member of Hollingbourne Cricket Club. The funeral is at 9.45am on 21st June at Vintner’s Park Crematorium followed by a reception at the Cricket Club. Donations to Macmillan Cancer in his memory are invited.

A new arrival at Fern Cottage in Eyhorne Street is Lyra at 8 pounds and 1 ounce who was born on the 12th June in Pembury Hospital. The proud parents are Sam and Andy.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Barber, the new gentlemen’s hairdressers in Eyhorne Street is due to open on Saturday 16th June. The shop was formerly a ladies hairdressers and traded under various names over the years including Stone Hair and Beauty, Boniface, and Hair Team. The shop will be open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm with a an extension to 7pm on Thursday evenings. Please see below for more details of the opening day.


The KCC Footpaths Group of Kent Highways have confirmed that repairs to the Target Cottage Bridleway that leads from Greenway Court Road to the Pilgrim’s Way is to be repaired at some point. It is badly rutted because of the impact of off road vehicles.

Southern Water have at last repaired the “clanking manhole” outside of Godfrey House which has been a nuisance to many residents of Godfrey Meadow. South East Water are yet to finish the repairs to the leaks at the end of the Windmill Lane Public Footpath which have now been running water for over a month. Pictured below are the works which started on 19th June and and were partly finished on 24th June with the subsequent removal of the barriers in the picture below. A permanent repair is to be completed in due course. South East Water have confirmed that any residents who have been charged via their water meters for any water lost will receipt an adjustment to their bill.

The pattern of weekly church services in the North Downs Benefice which includes All Saints’ Church in Hollingbourne is under review as the result of the departure in August of the Rural Dean, the Reverend Steve Hughes and the retirement of the Reverend Ron Gamble. As from September the Reverend Paul Kite who is based in Hollingbourne will be responsible for the time being for the parishes of Leeds, Broomfield, and Kingswood in addition to his normal duties in the Pilgrim’s Way Parishes between Hollingbourne and Boxley.

A Volkswagen combi van was badly damaged in road traffic accident in Eyhorne Street near to Copse End on opposite Hollingbourne School on Friday 29th June. The van was parked on the verge and was hit by a Porsche that is believed to be owned locally. Three people were reported to have needed medical attention. During the month Claygate resident Katrina Hills organised a petition calling for a lower speed limit in the village which has been sent on to Kent County Council. Pictured below is the damaged Volkswagen.


Eyhorne Street resident Liz Cobbett took part in the Great North Swim on Lake Windermere with thousands of others on 9th June and was the 3rd fastest in her age group for the half mile. Former Hollingbourne CP School pupil Vicky Cobbett also took part in the event for the second year running and raised money for Mind.

Finally the formal notice regarding the completion of the Parish Council Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2018. The audited financial return will appear in due course.