Newly replaced Eyhorne Street bollard damaged again.

The newly replaced wooden bollard on the pavement at the corner of Eyhorne Street and the Windmill PH footpath has been damaged again today. It was replaced last month following an accident on 17th May.

This time the damage was caused by an Army lorry attempting to enter Windmill Lane which is only 3 metres wide and which leads to the site of a proposed housing development of 10 houses which has been opposed by Hollingbourne Parish Council and many local residents because of access problems and other concerns. On many previous occasions large vehicles attempting to enter the Footpath (KH199) have had problems.

The matter has been reported to Kent County Council Highways Department in order that it can be replaced.

Pictured below is the Army lorry and the damaged bollard on the left.

The Army lorry backing out of Windmill Lane on a second attempt after damaging the bollard on the left on the first attempt.