No number 13 bus from Hollingbourne to Maidstone from 8th to 18th April. – UPDATED.

Nu Venture buses are suspending the number bus 13 service from Hollingbourne to Maidstone from Monday 8th April to Thursday 18th April inclusive because of road works in the Leeds area. The service will continue to operate between Maidstone and Langley.

UPDATE as of 10th April – The road has not been totally closed to traffic although it will be on 11th April and 12th April. Traffic lights have been installed to allow traffic to use just one side of the road. This means that the number 13 bus will continue to run except on 11th and 12th April.

The 10x bus service from Hollingbourne Corner into Maidstone and Ashford will continue to operate. The website of Nu Venture is

As from June the number 13 bus will run from Hollingbourne to Morrisons on the Sutton Road where it will be necessary to transfer to another bus in order to complete the journey into Maidstone. The current journey time to Maidstone is around 40 minutes and the new arrangement will add around 10 minutes.

Pictured below is one of the Nu Venture buses that normally serve Hollingbourne.

A Nu Venture bus of the type that comes to Hollingbourne.