November 2009 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

Held on Monday 9 November 2009

  in the Cardwell Pavilion

at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr Bedwell (Chairman), Dr Bauer, Mr Bryan, Mr Cobbett (Vice-Chairman), Mrs Baxter, Mr Stephenson, Mr. Ward, Mr Williams.

Also in attendance:  Ms E Lawrence (Clerk), Mrs Whittle (County Councillor).


1.       Apologies for absence   None


2.       Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests


There were no declarations of interest.

There were no amendments to the Register of Interests.


3.       Approval of minutes of last meeting

            (Circulated prior to meeting)


 Mr Cobbett proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted.  This was seconded by Dr Bauer and agreed.


4.       Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


p 1: The handouts referred to at the Councillors Code of Conduct were in fact the “Good Councillors Guide” already distributed to each Councillor when they take up office and already formally adopted.

The hedge at Bourneside Terrace has been cut.

p 2: Cascade have confirmed they have been unable to source land for Affordable Housing

Mr Williams asked for people to write as individuals to object to the proposed changes to the Mobile Library Service, and will write a paragraph for the Parish Magazine.

The suggested improvements for traffic calming through the village have been pursued, but are dependent on sufficient funding.


5.         County Councillors report


Mrs Whittle asked for a copy of any response from the PC to the Mobile Library service consultation to be sent to her.  She cited the loss of the post-bus service at Wormshill as an example of the loss of vital services to rural dwellers.

The response to the application made to the Members Highways fund should be received within one month, but warned that the investigation costs could add another 50% to the overall costs.

Mrs Whittle had visited the school, which she praised highly.  She has also attended meetings re KIG and the inability of the current road infrastructure to cope with increased freight traffic.


6.         Chairmans Report


The Chairman reported on the recent electrical work undertaken at the Cardwell Pavilion. The boiler will need replacing sometime in the not too distant future, but meanwhile an annual service contract to be raised. Action: Clerk

The Chairman acknowledged Mr Little’s report and after discussion it was agreed that the Clerk write a short notice for publication on the website and for the Parish Magazine that the report is available for anyone wishing to see it, on application to the Clerk.  It was agreed that the Clerk seek further advice re the best way forward and write to thank Mr Little.


7.         Finance Report


A list of cheques to be issued for October expenditure was circulated prior to the meeting.             Mr Cobbett proposed that the cheques be issued and this was seconded by Mr Bedwell.  The Clerk clarified that savings were made where possible, by purchasing via the internet where possible, purchasing discounted postage stamps, changing waste disposal contract, changing to paperless billing by British Gas etc.  The utility contracts will be scrutinised as time permits.


8.         Clerks report


The Clerk drew attention to the fact that re-tendering of local bus services is in progress, including services travelling through Hollingbourne.  The outcome will be known in February next year.  The intention is to retain current levels, but is dependent on the final budget allocation from KCC.  Other matters covered elsewhere on the agenda.


9.         CAP update and HPC Actions

 Crime  –  Cllr Cobbett  Nil to report

Traffic/parking – Cllr Bauer reported continued traffic travelling at excessive at the A20 approach to the village.

Housing- Cllr Stephenson having received a negative response regarding Affordable Housing land considered this item completed.

School- Cllr Baxter Nil to report.

It was agreed that this item is now completed and will be subject to further recommendations/actions from the Community Action Plan Steering Group.


10.       Parks Report

a)         Cardwell Pavilion/LM Field: A reduced quotation for an additional CCTV camera received from Prism Alarms.  To be accepted on condition that the faulty camera is replaced (awaiting replacement from manufacturer).  Mr Stephenson reported that preliminary discussions re cleaning schedule have taken place.

b)         Football Club: Nil to report

Mrs Baxter put forward a plan for a Sensory Garden on the Millennium Green, formulated by Mrs Julie Roper, with possibly a presentation to the Council to be made by the Brownies. Action: Mr Ward to invite those involved with the Millennium Green to the next PC meeting.  Mr Williams to submit early documentation on the Green to Mr Ward.


11.       Environmental Report

Dr Bauer voiced concerns regarding the standards of street cleaning.  Clerk to ascertain dates/routes/set standards.

Mr Williams reported improved PROW by tree branch clearing and signage. There has been fly tipping of used tyres by the electricity sub-station, and the rubbish bin by the bench at Church approach has been vandalised. Action: Clerk


12.       Fete 2010

Mr Bryan to submit possible dates for the Clerk to circulate, for a preliminary meeting.


13.       Planning Report  Mr Stephenson reported that there had been a split decision on felling trees at Hollingbourne Farm (TA/0124/09).  Mr Bryan queried an application for change of use to land in Broad Street, but this had not received by Clerk.


14.       Borough Councillor Report  nil in the absence of Mrs Parvin


15.       KIG

Mr Bryan reported that he was due to speak on behalf of the Council at the meeting on the following day.


16.      Items for Information

Mr Williams proposed that the standards agreed at the recent training sessions based on the Good Councillors Guide be formally adopted; seconded by Dr Bauer and agreed.


Date of next meeting:  Monday 14 December