November 2012 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on 12th November 2012 in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr M Bedwell (Chairman), Mr D Ardley, Dr Bauer, Mr Bennett, Mr J Cobbett,

    Mr F Stephenson,  


Also in attendance: Ms E Lawrence (Clerk) and  members of the public.


1.                                                                                          Apologies for absence           Mr A Ward – work commitment

                                    Mr Waite, (illness)

Mrs J Whittle, County Councillor

Mrs Parvin, Borough Councillor

            PCSO de Burca


2.                                          Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests 


Mr Cobbett for planning application TA/0159/12 as personal interest


3.                                          Approval of minutes of last meeting


It was resolved that the draft minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted.  The Chairman duly signed the minutes.


4.                                          Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


There were no matters arising


5.                  Presentation by Navigus Planning


Mr Stephenson introduced Mr Chris Bowden from Navigus Planning.  Mr Stephenson had been present at a 3 day event at which the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Harrietsham had been described, and how the village had gained the involvement of the residents.  Although Hollingbourne is not demographically like Harrietsham, nevertheless “if a stake is not placed in the ground, there is no way you can defend it”.  It is in the best interests of Hollingbourne for there to be a Neighbourhood Plan, as it must be taken into consideration when Planning applications are put forward under the new terms of the Localism Act.  He said he understood why few people were in attendance on a cold wet November evening, but stated that finding out more about Neighbourhood Plans was only the very beginning.  Mr Cobbett commented that the presentation had been well advertised around the village and had been on the website.

Mr Bowden then gave his presentation entitled “Why a Neighbourhood Plan for Hollingbourne is important”.   He emphasised that Neighbourhood Plans do not belong to the relevant Councils, but to the people living in the neighbourhoods.  The Localism Act makes the biggest changes to Planning since World War ll, and adds as much value to small rural settings as it does to sprawling urban areas.

At the conclusion of his presentation a short Question and Answer and discussion time followed. The Chairman thanked Mr Bowden, who then left the meeting.


6.                  Chairman’s Report   


Mr Bedwell reported on the continued increase in fly tipping at various points in and around the village, and that this remains a topic covered in the media.  This is directly attributable to the changes in arrangements at the Tovil waste facility.

At the first Fete Planning meeting, the poor state of the surface at the entrance to the Lance Memorial Field was raised and the chairman proposed the purchase of one ton of topsoil, possibly a grass “mat/grid” and seed. This was seconded by Mr Cobbett and carried.

Mr Bedwell said he hoped to group together a working party to do the labour and avoid further expenditure.

Mr Bedwell expressed continued concern regarding the proposed abolition of the Concurrent services Grant, a sum of approximately £6,000 per year, previously received from Maidstone Borough Council.  A new scheme is proposed, but it is one which would leave HPC very short of funds whilst expecting service levels to be maintained at the same level.  Everyone is encouraged to attend the meeting at Maidstone Town Hall 12 December at 18.30 but please read around the subject beforehand.  This was expanded on by Mr Stephenson, who will attend the meeting. There currently a petition for Parishes to sign, but Members agreed not to sign it as they believe it to be flawed and will not help Parishes facing swingeing cuts in the funding they receive from MBC.



7.                  Crime Report   The Clerk presented the report submitted by Siobhan de Burca, which showed fewer crimes than at this time last year.


8.                  Clerk’s Report   The Clerk reported that under the new Parish Services Scheme, the only money to be granted would appear to be just over £1000 for grass cutting.  Following discussion, Clerk to ascertain formula for the amount quoted.

The next visit to further the possibility of “twinning” with a French town (Templeuve) will take place on Monday 19th November.

The Clerk asked if Members wished to continue sending Christmas cards, this was confirmed.

Trees have been arranged for Tanyard and Eyhorne Greens.  The Clerk requested that some form of reimbursement be made to Mrs Gibbs for the cost of “Carols around the Tree” as this has become a popular community event.  This was agreed at £100.

The Field in Trust scheme is still open and the Clerk sought confirmation that this should be sought for the Lance Memorial Field – agreed by all.  Mr Cobbett offered to approve the application made by the Clerk.


10.              County Councillors Report     – Nil received


11.              Borough Councillors Report  – Nil received



12.              Finance Report         


It was resolved to approve the expenditure (previously circulated) and the cheques were duly signed. 


Mr Stephenson sought agreement to proceed with the community scheme run by the Utility Warehouse, whereby anyone resident in the parish who joins to receive utilities at favourable prices raises 5% of their bills for the Parish Council to put back into the village. The cost to the Council will be £25.00 for one year.  This was resolved,  to be reviewed next December.  Mr Cobbett to add to the website.









13.              Planning Report        








PC decision

MBC Decision


Replacement rear extension

Greenway Court Barn

ME17 1QE




Amendments to previously approved development


The Granary

Smiths Farm

ME17 1Q3





The Vicarage

Upper Street

ME17 1UJ


Application to fell x1 sycamore



 As at 8/11





ME17 1TR


Application to fell x 1 Rowan tree








ME17 1UZ

An application for a Certificate of Lawful Development for an existing development





WTA = Wish to approve

DNWTO = Do Not Wish To Object

RNO = Raise No Objection

TBA = To Be Announced


Mr Cobbett reported that he had received notification that permission has been granted.


14.              Environment Report  Dr Bauer reiterated concerns over fly tipping.  It was suggested that Katrine be asked to publish an article in the Parish Magazine on this matter.


15.       Parks Report    The Clerk reported on behalf of Mr Ward.  The lighting around the Pavilion does not appear to be working, to be investigated.


16.       Items for Information    


Mr Bennett reported the broken kerb stone outside Tanyard House and  opposite 77 Eyhorne Street, which had caused his wife a nasty fall. Clerk to take action.  He also reported that the new landlord was making great efforts in the Sugar Loaves and members welcomed the fact that the pub remains open and a community resource.  It was noted with dissatisfaction that there has been no feedback or action to restore the state of the badly damaged/eroded verges along Greenway Court and Hospital Roads.






Date of next meeting

Monday 10th December 2012 at 7.30pm in the Cardwell Pavilion.





Signed as a true record: