November 2015 Minutes.


Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council held on Monday, 9th November 2015, in the Cardwell Pavilion, Hollingbourne, commencing at 7.30 pm.


Present:  Mr M Bedwell; Mr A Ward; Mr J Cobbett; Mr D Ardley; Mr P Waite; Mr A Bennett; Mrs A Bennett  & Mrs V Smith, Parish Clerk.

In attendance:   Mr Patrik Garten – (on behalf of Cllr Mrs D Parvin) & one member of the public.

1.  Apologies for absence:  Dr S Bauer (previous commitments); Cllr Mrs D Parvin (illness); PCSO Ryan Waring & PCSO Dave Rowley (work commitments) and Cllr J Whittle

2.  Declarations and Requests

Declaration of Changes to the Register of Interests – none; Declaration of Interest in items on the Agenda  –  none;  Requests for Dispensations – none

3.  Approval of minutes of last meeting (circulated prior to meeting)

It was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting, with the following exceptions:  Cllr P Waite was present at the previous meeting; and as per item 9.c. the regulations in HGV operation means that the drivers can overstep the time restrictions of their tachograph, so that they can stop in a safe manner.

4.  Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

5.b. Cllr Mrs J Whittle was attending a meeting regarding the hedge and proposed pelican crossing on the A20.  The Clerk will contact her to find out what the outcome was.

9.b. A petition regarding the provision of the above mentioned pelican crossing between the Great Danes and Leeds Castle roundabouts has been drawn up and is to be checked.

12.b. We have received a response from the Maidstone BC regarding the complaint letter sent to Ms Alison Broom reference to the sewerage capacity check requested within the village.

5.  Chairman’s Report

a.    The Parish Council is very grateful for Cllr J Cobbett’s item in the Kent Messenger, and its stirring Southern Water into attending the village to carry out the sewerage capacity check within the next few weeks.  We are very glad that we have such a good and productive relationship with the local press and our hard working Parish Councillors.

b.    The lorry drivers are still parking illegally along the motorway near Junction 8 and the Chegworth roundabout.  Even though traffic cones have been placed in these areas, the drivers move them to enable parking, or park just beyond where the cones are positioned.  We will keep on the Kent Police’s case with regards to this matter.  Please pass any updates or information on to the Clerk and she can liaise with the Police.

c.    Cllr M Bedwell asked the Parish Councillor’s whether they would like to arrange an Xmas dinner this year?  An urgent decision will be made by the Councillors.  This dinner is at the individual councillor’s expense and partners are welcome.

6.  Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr P Waite

a.     The Parish Council made additional comments within the response made by the Joint Parish Group to the Maidstone BC, in their response consultation, Local Plan Regulation 18.  It is however felt that the Maidstone BC is not very co-operative in helping the Parish Councils make their Neighbourhood Plans, offering no financial assistance.  Some Parish Councils have produced high quality Neighbourhood Plans, which have obviously cost a lot of their money to publish.  It is hoped that the Maidstone BC considers their reports and acts upon them.

7. Crime Report – (sent by email)

a.     The Hollingbourne crime figures 12th October – 5th November 2015.  There have been five crime reports – 12.10.15 – attempted burglary dwelling – Eyhorne Street; 15.10.15 – burglary dwelling – Culpeper Close; 15.10.15 – criminal damage – Eyhorne Street; 31.10.15 – theft in dwelling x2 – Eyhorne Street; 4.11.15 – theft – Pilgrims Way.  There have been no cases of anti-social behaviour reported.  In comparison, with the same period on 2014, there wasn’t any crime reports created or anti-social behaviour recorded.

b.    KCC Highways have been contacted regarding parking of HGV’s under the M20 and High Speed Rail bridges over the A20 close to Chegworth Road, to see if there are any parking restrictions that are enforceable.  The PCSO’s are waiting to hear back on this enquiry, and they will also suggest the possibility of erecting ‘no parking’ signs if there are no current restrictions.

c.     The PCSO’s are also running another proactive operation in the near future, aiming to target all types of rural crime and anti-social behaviour.  The operation will be covering Bearsted, Langley and Leeds, but they also come into Hollingbourne.

8.  Clerk’s Report  –

a.     The Parish Councillors agreed unanimously to vote in favour of repairing the front roof elevation of the Cardwell Pavilion (£265.50 + VAT).  The Clerk will contact the contractors to authorise the work.

b.    It was agreed by all of the Councillors that a new refrigerator is purchased for the Cardwell Pavilion, a larger larder model which will accommodate both of the regular hirers.  This refrigerator will belong to the Parish Council, and they will arrange for the cleaner to defrost it monthly.   Action:  The Clerk

c.     The Pre-school have enquired whether they can obtain artificial grass for the outside play area at the Cardwell Pavilion.  The Parish Councillors all agreed upon this, but have requested that the artificial grass is of a good quality standard and it will be funded by the Pre-school.

d.    The mower used for the maintenance of Eyhorne Green is broken.  Mr A Snowdon has emailed the Parish Clerk with prices of new mowers, and preferred types.  The Councillors have requested that further prices are obtained by Mr A Snowdon, from different sources before a decision is made.  We do know that the mower will cost in excess of £400, needs to be self-propelled and with a 19” blade minimum.

e.     The Clerk was happy to confirm that Sir David Steel, the Chief Executive of the Leeds Castle will be able to give the village two Christmas trees this year; a tree for Tanyard Green and the School.  The Clerk will confirm with our regular villagers that they will be able to decorate the tree and supply it with electricity.  Action:  The Clerk

f.     It was reported in the March 2015 minutes that the presently closed ‘Hook and Hatchet’ Public House in Hucking is seeking community asset status.   Unfortunately, it has not received a successful bid from a Community Interest Group, and so Shepherd Neame Ltd has now put the property on the market.

g.    The Clerk was contacted by Wealden Homes with regards to a new name for the houses being built adjacent to 103 Eyhorne Street.  Wealden Homes would be quite happy to call the development ‘Godfrey Meadow’ and the Clerk has had confirmation from the owners of Godfrey House that this is acceptable to them also.  Although there is already an area of land called ‘Godfrey Meadow’ within the village (at the back of Godfrey House), since this does not have any properties on it, the Councillors present at the meeting agreed that this would be an acceptable name for the new development.  The Clerk will confirm this approval with Wealden Homes and the Maidstone BC.  Action:  The Clerk

9.  County Councillor’s Report – none to report.

10.       Borough Councillor’s Report – (given by Mr Patrik Garten – Faversham & Mid Kent Conservatives)

It is unlikely that Cllr Mrs D Parvin will stand for election next year and Mr Garten will be next year’s Conservative candidate at the Borough Council elections in May.  The Parish Council will miss Cllr Mrs D Parvin very much as she has worked tirelessly and loyally for the local people of the area of many years.  Cllr P Waite highlighted the fact that Cllr Mrs D Parvin has been very supportive of the Rural Alliance, who are concerned with the issues that affect the rural areas, housing, etc.  The Maidstone BC have also been supportive of the organisation until affected by party pllitics.  Mr Garten recognises the problems that this may cause, and he was very firm in fighting the overdevelopment of housing in Harrietsham and Lenham.  Mr Garten said that the Maidstone BC needs a Politician with conviction and a wish to take matters forward, and that he is the man.

11.      Planning Report – Cllr A Bennett

a.     15/508821/FULL – ‘Valley View’, Pilgrims Way, Hollingbourne, Kent

Proposal:  Proposed first floor extension to side of dwelling with Juliette balcony.


b.  15/508432/FULL – ‘Lime Trees’, Pilgrims Way, Hollingbourne

Proposal:  Removal of condition 4 of planning application MA/12/1321 (application to vary condition 4 (Code for sustainable homes) of MA/11/1011 to allow a level 2 certificate of the Code for Sustainable Homes to be issued as described in application MA/12/1321) – Code for Sustainable Homes.


c.  15/508458/FULL – Norton Charity, Broad Street Hill, Hollingbourne

Proposal:  Proposed single storey rear and side extension.  Result:  DO NOT WISH TO OBJECT

d.  15/508622/NMAMD – ‘Hillside’, Broad Street Hill, Hollingbourne

Proposal:  Non material amendment to 15/503859/FULL – majority of windows revised to full height.  Result:  The Parish Council does not feel that it can comment on this planning amendment at the moment, and has requested further information from the Planning Department prior to a response.

e.  15/506804/LBC – 36 Eyhorne Street, Hollingbourne

Proposal:  Listed building consent (works commenced 14.1.10) – insulate party walls to reduce sound transmission and increase their fire-retardant potential; thermal insulation of roof and the interior of two external walls.  Replace one roof light and install another above the kitchen; apply internal secondary glazing to windows; replace one, and modify and upgrade another internal partition; increased glazing in kitchen living room partition; install flooring above kitchen to create a storage loft; install a toilet and shower room on the first floor, and install two interconnecting doors between no. 36 and no. 34 Eyhorne Street, Hollingbourne.

Result:  The Parish Council DO NOT WISH TO OBJECT, however, the Councillors would have liked details from the Planning Department of this planning consultation previously, to keep them in the picture with regards to such detailed works.  However, Cllr J Cobbett did abstain from voting on this occasion, as he is a neighbour of the planning permission applicants.

f.  15/508307/FULL – Eyhorne Green, Musket Lane, Hollingbourne

Proposal:  Erection of four dwellings and relocation of access to builder’s yard.

Result:  OBJECT – Subject to the sewerage capacity inspection taking place in the village, the Parish Council must reject the proposal to build these four dwellings.

 12.      Waterside Park, Junction 8 Update – Cllr J Cobbett

The High Court Appeal against the public enquiry decision is to be held in January 2016.

13.       Kent County Council’s Highways and Transportation Survey – Cllr D Ardley

Cllr Mrs A Bennett felt that since the Parish Council had been given the opportunity to comment on this survey, and they should take this opportunity now.  The Councillors completed the survey at the time of the meeting, and the Clerk will forward it on to the KCC.  Action:  The Clerk

14.       Environmental Report –

Cllr A Bennett attended the Parish & Town Council Seminar, in Tunbridge Wells today, and reported that the general provision of twenty mile an hour speed limits in villages is very well received.  Mr Clive Pearman, Deputy Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport at the KCC did not believe that “a lack of manpower is standing in its way”, and it would be looked upon favourably.  It may be a consideration for the Parish Council to look for this speed restriction to be made outside the village school.

15.       Sewerage Inspection Report for the village update – Cllr D Ardley

This matter has been mentioned previously in the minutes, and there is nothing more to add.

16. Fête Report

a.  The next meeting for the Fete will be on the Monday, 16th November 2015, 8pm, at The Dirty Habit.

b.  Unfortunately, Cllr A Ward will not be able to help out at the next year’s fete, but he will offer his full support in the preparation of the event.

 17. Off-Road Motorcyclists and Quad Bikes – Councillor M Bedwell

The situation is quiet at the moment, but it has been noted that other tracks have been formed on the site.  We will keep an eye on the situation.

 18. Twinning with Templeuve – Cllr J Cobbett

a.    On the 11th November a trip has been arranged to visit Templeuve and celebrate Armistice Day.  Sadly, the mother of the Mayor of Templeuve has passed away, and it was agreed that the Parish Council will share the cost a wreath with the Twinning Committee.

 19. Financial Report

a.  The cheques at the meeting were authorised, and there is £38,591.77 in the bank.  The Clerk will forward all of the 2015/16 financial paperwork onto the internal auditor, so that he can check it for accuracy.  Action:  The Clerk

 20. Street Lighting

a.  The Parish Council is waiting for the technical report to be sent from Ken Bonner at Streetlights (street lighting contractors).  This can then be forwarded on to the KCC.

21.  Items for Information –

a.  Sadly, Mr Laurie Hack, the former Parish Councillor (and Chairman in the 1990’s) died on the 23rd October following a long illness.  A rabbi conducting the funeral, which was held on the 27th October, made everybody feel very welcome at the occasion, regardless of their own faith.  Laurie will be missed greatly by his family, friends and the local organisations which he supported.  The Parish Council appreciated all of his hard work.

b.  Concern over water pollution has been expressed by local residents in River Farm House and adjoining houses where the bourne flows through the gardens before going under Eyhorne Street via some small tunnels. The Environmental Agency has taken the matter up with the Wealden Homes, the housing developers adjacent to 103 Eyhorne Street, and the pollution has now stopped.

c.  Unfortunately, the parking in the village on the Fireworks night caused problems.  Residents could not drive in or out of Culpeper Close, which makes could have caused problems if any emergency vehicle had to have access.  A phone call had been made to the Police by a villager regarding this matter, but the Police had said that the event would have finished before they had an opportunity to visit the scene.  On a positive note, it is very commendable that the event raised a huge £1,089 for the school and the local causes within the village.  However, in the future, the Parish Council would firmly request that marshals are present to organise the safe parking of vehicles in the area and that there is the attendance of the PCSO’s to prevent any problems from occurring.


Date of next Parish Council meeting: Monday, 14th December 2015, 7.30 pm, Cardwell Pavilion, Hollingbourne



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