Number 13 bus service to continue until further notice.

The Hollingbourne to Maidstone number 13 bus service is to continue as at present because of the delays with creating the interchange at Morrison’s on the Sutton Road where the new service was due to terminate with an interchange for services into Maidstone. The new arrangements are a 12 month pilot scheme from June 2019 supported by Kent County Council. Hollingbourne Parish Council has received the following explanatory e-mail from Kent County Council. 

Dear All,

Further to previous correspondence, where it was confirmed that the Authority was awaiting for UK Power Networks (UKPN) confirmation to determine whether the power cables at the proposed interchange location could be moved, I can confirm we have received a response. UKPN have confirmed that they can complete the works and as the quotation is within budget, I am pleased to confirm that it has now instructed for this scheme to be delivered.

Over the next few weeks, the Programme team will be liaising with the different contractors to programme all of the works (UKPN/Amey/Maidstone Borough Council) efficiently. Due to the complexity of the works and the availability of stakeholders, completion will not be expected until September at the earliest. We will continue to negotiate with these stakeholders to ensure that the scheme is delivered within the quickest timescales as possible, but please be aware of the programme slippage. Registering a service to the Traffic Commissioner will take a minimum of six weeks.

To reiterate previous correspondence, the pilot will still operate for 12 months, irrespective of the delays encountered. The service 13/59 provision will continue on its current timetable until the improvements have been successfully registered. The data from this pilot, together with the other pilots is instrumental in developing a strategy for how the Authority can deliver rural transport in a more sustainable approach.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards

Commercial Team – Highways, Transportation & Waste | Invicta House, Maidstone | Internal: 415951 |

Pictured below is a Nu Venture bus in Maidstone of the type that serves Hollingbourne every two hours in the week. The present journey takes around 40 minutes and under the pilot scheme it could take longer. For many people the bus service is a lifeline. 

A Nu Venture bus of the type that comes to Hollingbourne.


A separate Hollingbourne bus matter is the fact that the bus stop sign outside of Snagbrook House in Eyhorne Street has been hidden by vegetation. Hollingbourne Parish Council has passed on residents’ complaints to Kent County Council Highways who are responsible for the maintenance of bus stops.