October 2009 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on 12 October 2009 in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr Bedwell (Chairman), Dr. Bauer, Mr Bryan, Mr Cobbett (Vice-Chairman), Mrs Baxter, Mr Stephenson,  Mr Williams.

Also in attendance:  Ms E Lawrence (Clerk), 5 members of the public.


1.       Apologies for absence   Mr. Ward, Mrs Parvin, Mrs Whittle.


2.       Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests


There were no Declaration of Interest.

There were no amendments to the Register of Interests.


The agenda was altered to allow members of the Community Action Plan steering group to participate and the meeting was adjourned for 10 minutes Public Question Time and then resumed.


4.     County Councillors report


Mrs Whittle had sent her apologies and reminded all present that her support for Hollingbourne Parish Council continued.


 5.     Approval of Minutes of last meeting  (Circulated prior to meeting)


Item 11 add ‘Mrs Baxter to take forward the traffic/parking issue’. Mr Cobbett proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted.  This was seconded by Mr Williams and agreed.


6.       Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


M r Bedwell had spoken with Mr Dennett and offered some form of reimbursement for his time, effort and expense in restoring/reclaiming the land around the Lance memorial field, which was declined, as was an offer of a charitable donation. Mr Dennett had simply wanted to “put something back” to the village, for which the Parish Council again expressed their gratitude.

Mr Williams reported on the Councillors’ training session on the Code of Conduct, run by MBC, but had asked for handouts and further sessions to be made available.  Mr Bedwell replied that handouts were made available at the next session and would be forwarded to the Clerk for copying and distribution.

Mr Bedwell reported that there had been a problem with the application by the Football Club, resulting in the need to re-apply.

Mrs Baxter confirmed a band has been booked for the Fete next year.

The Clerk reported that the hedge at Bourneside Terrace is scheduled to be cut next week.

Mrs Baxter reported that the Downs Mail would give coverage to the development of a Sensory Garden on the Millennium Green, that Julie Roper had agreed to manage the project and that the Brownies would like to make a presentation to the Council.




10.       CAP update and HPC Actions:


Crime Update     Not  received

Traffic/parking   Mrs Baxter reported the helpful meeting held with Ben Hilden from Kent Highways, Mr Stephenson and the Clerk.  Topics included the possibility of: the installation of white gates at the A20 entrance to the village, a traffic order to move the speed limit in order to facilitate an interactive speed sign, the repainting of white lines and red “carpet” at the start of the speed limit, Chevron signage, speed surveys and HGV signs.  A discussion with the CAP Steering group followed.  It was felt that speed surveys were only going to be useful if the PC could determine where and at what time of day they took place.  The

Road markings on the bends by Hasteds and the Church should be double white lines.

Pedestrian signs needed at the Pilgrims Way/Upper Street/ Hollingbourne Hill crossroads.

All suggestions will be pursued, subject to available funding, with the white gates being the lowest priority.


Housing              No further news from Cascade; Mr. Stephenson to follow up.

School                 Nothing to report

Environment       Nothing to report


The Steering Group acknowledged the need for them to reconvene and decide what steps to take next, as apart from the traffic issues and affordable housing, all items identified by the residents in the CAP questionnaire had been addressed as far as possible.


7.Chairman’s Report   Mr Bedwell thanked Mr Little for his hard work in preparing a report on ‘Items In Hollingbourne Parish Council Accounts 2008/9’ for consideration by the Parish Council, and confirmed that the report was virtually finished and would be circulated within the next few days..  He would like the report to be placed in the public domain, and possibly sent to the Local Standards Board along with any subsequent actions. Clerk to verify if the Board would scrutinise such a report under their current brief.

Proposals are in place to reduce the staffing levels of the mobile Library service.  Council to oppose any such reduction, as the service is vital to the community.


8.       Finance report


A list of cheques to be issued for September expenditure was circulated prior to the meeting.  Mr Cobbett proposed that the cheques be issued and this was seconded by Mr. Williams. 

A donation of £50 for the British Legion Poppy appeal wreath was agreed.

The Clerk reported on the continuing difficulties with transferring bank accounts.


9.         Clerks report  items covered elsewhere.


11.    Parks Report   It was suggested that the possibility of funding from the Carbon Trust be pursued to help pay for new lighting at the Pavilion.  Funding of up to £500 was agreed in order that the work can commence. A possible “handyman” has been identified; to meet with Mr Bedwell and to provide costings.

Mrs Baxter stated that the cleaning of the Cardwell Pavilion was difficult to monitor in the absence of a specification or schedule of any sort.  Mr Stephenson volunteered to draw up a

schedule for discussion with those responsible for the upkeep of the Cardwell Pavilion.



12.     Planning Report


The following applications had been considered by the Planning Committee:-


MA/09/1688 Erection of a single storey rear extension The Granary, Smiths Farm, Hollingbourne Hill,  ME17 1QJ  Decision: Do not wish to object


TA/0134/09 Notification of intention to prune back to boundary line three Silver Birches All Saints Church, Hollingbourne.          Decision: Wish to approve


MA/09/1528 Application for replacement of existing cesspool with domestic sewage Harpswood, Hospital Road, Hollingbourne, ME17 1QG       Decision: Wish to approve


13.       Environment   Dr Bauer – nil to report.  Mr Williams stated that the gate to the path at the edge of the Lance Memorial Field which was removed by person/s unknown would be replaced.  The Open Spaces Society had acknowledged Ann Stout and her efforts in freeing the blocked Right of Way at the bend of the drive to Grove Mill.  Clerk to write.

Mr Williams had earlier offered to try and locate any existing boundary stones, as had Linton Parish.  Article for Parish magazine to get others involved approved.

 Chas Sage from MBC Environmental Services had been seen clearing up unreported fly tipping. Clerk to write and thank.  The Clerk confirmed that Hollingbourne continues to receive a contribution for the recycling area at the end of Station Approach. 

The lilac bush is once again invading the pavement outside Eyhorne Cottages.  Action: Clerk.

As advertising on the roundabout at the A20 end of the village is sponsored by the Dirty Habit, it was agreed that the Clerk would write to them seeking help to improve the appearance, asking for an informal discussion with them.

Dr Bauer drew attention to a pathway which is becoming worn across the fields in the direction of the M20 service station.  


14.       Borough Councillors report    nil in the absence of Mrs Parvin.


15.       KIG update.   Mr Bryan reported that the Joint Parishes group were feeling positive about their contribution at the forthcoming Appeal.  Most of those taking part had expressed concern that the programme indicates that objectors are to speak before the proposers. He encouraged people to attend to demonstrate the strong opposition to the proposals.  StopKIG/CPRE/JPG are all speaking on different aspects of opposition and he has registered to speak on behalf of Hollingbourne Parish Council.


16.       Correspondence List  (circulated prior to meeting) Most correspondence is now being transmitted electronically and forwarded directly to Councillors.  The Clerk will continue to draw attention to relevant posted correspondence.


17.        Items for Information 


Good Councillors Guide training: Mr. Williams reiterated that the Clerk is the councils legal representative, and Mr Bedwell reminded Councillors that communications should be made through her.  Mr Williams proposed formal adoption of the points agreed during the training sessions held previously (not supported). A further meeting to be arranged.

Mrs Baxter to write in the Parish Magazine to thank and congratulate Christopher on his 5th anniversary of providing services to the village through the shop.

Mr Williams reported a negative feedback on the minutes not being published until after they have been approved, as they were not only an historical record, but a means of informing and hopefully involving residents.  No action taken.



The meeting closed at 21.45


Date of next meeting:  9 November 2009




Signed as a true record: