October 2011 Minutes

 Minutes of the meeting of

Hollingbourne Parish Council held on 10 October 2011

in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr M Bedwell (Chairman) Mr A Ward (Vice-Chairman),

 Mr J Cobbett, Mrs S O’Connell, Mr F Stephenson, Mr A Williams.

Also in attendance: Ms E Lawrence (Clerk) and   members of the public.



1.                                          Apologies for absence  Dr S Bauer (ill health)


2.                                          Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests

There were no declarations of interest.

There were no amendments to the Register of Interests.


3.                                          Approval of minutes of last meeting


Mr Williams asked for a correction to the spelling of his surname (p.3).

Mr Ward proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted, seconded by Mr Stephenson and agreed.


The meeting was adjourned for10 minutes to allow the public to speak.


4.                                          Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


It was noted an initiative “Lorry Watch” may be of use in reporting UK registered HGVs using inappropriate rural roads as short cuts.  Unfortunately the scheme does not extend to overseas registered vehicles. 

Mrs Whittle was asked to raise a quote for a solar powered interactive traffic sign.

Mr Stephenson wished the closure of the Windmill public house to be noted


5.                                          Chairman’s Report


Mr Bedwell echoed regret at the closure of the Windmill pub. It was widely believed this was at least in some part due to the extended closure of Eyhorne Street during the laying of the new gas mains.

Mr Cobbett reported that he has been assured by Enterprise Inns that the business will re-open, probably during November.

Mr Bedwell wished it known that his home telephone number had been used in a scam to attempt to find out his banking details, in case others in the area are also targets.


6.                                          Crime Update            Nil received


7.                                          Clerk’s Report          


The Clerk had received a Planning Guide published by the Council for the |Protection of Rural England, which was passed to Mr Stephenson.

Literature regarding the nationwide lighting of beacons to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee in June 2012, was passed to Mr Cobbett.  The possibility of lighting a beacon on land above the Pilgrims Way was discussed.  Action: Mr Cobbett

The Clerk had received an anonymous letter.  Neither the Parish Council nor the Clerk will deal with unsigned correspondence, but as she was present, the letter was passed to Mrs Parvin.


8.                                          County Councillors Report


Mrs Whittle reported her continued fight to protect the Saturday bus service and that she has submitted the petition from local residents opposing the ending of services in April 2012.  Although recognising that this service is a vital link for rural areas, it is a wholly KCC subsidised service. She stated that KCC needs to save £600,000 from bus service subsidies. 

The restoration of the damaged verges is under investigation. She continues to make strenuous efforts to protect the land around Junction 8 of the M20 from inappropriate development.

 Mrs Whittle undertook to check the weight limit on the road [Eyhorne Street] as it crosses the Bourne, as this was undertaken some considerable time ago. 

Mrs Whittle is involved in an appeal by a family residing in Hollingbourne regarding education. 

Following a meeting between the Clerk and Kent Highways representatives, Messrs Jacobs have been asked to cost improved signage and other measures identified to calm traffic.


9.                                          Borough Councillor Report


Mrs Parvin reported that at the Core Strategy consultation event in Madgingford, it  appeared that the only land available for development was that beyond the Mercure Hotel

(formerly the Ramada hotel).  Mrs Parvin stated that this land is heavily chambered/tunnelled and was most unlikely to be suitable for warehouse development. The Government seems to be keen on developments on land around motorway junctions, but Eclipse Park at junction 7 is already being developed.

Mrs Parvin reported that an arrest had been made following the theft of oil/fuel at Bredgar. 


10.                                      Planning Report


The following applications had been considered by the Planning Committee:





PC decision

MBC Decision


Erection of detached agricultural building including 192 solar panels

Coldharbour Farm

Coldharbour Lane





Erection of a single storey side extension, a two storey rear extension

The Limes

53 Eyhorne Street

ME17 1TS





An extensive discussion ensued regarding the implications of approving applications which were subsequently and sometimes inexplicably refused by MBC, and not wishing to raising objections followed.






11.                                      Finance Report


It was resolved to approve the expenditure (previously circulated) and the cheques were duly signed.

The Clerk suggested using an external company to execute the payroll function as several changes had been introduced this year.  It was decided to operate the system manually in house in order to save money.


12.                                      Environment Report


Mr Williams stated that any improvements to access to the footpath going from Jack’s Alley to the station would have to be made by the landowner, and that pursuance of this was not the remit of the Parish Council.

Thanks to be expressed to Julie Roper for keeping Jack’s Alley accessible.

The dumping of sharp objects on the land near the footpath near Greenway Court Road had been reported to Mr Williams and the chairman responded by confirming that spent rivets had been rollered into the ground.

Public Right of Way KH210 was queried by several residents with regard to its route.  Mr Williams to explain in an article for the Parish magazine, and to possibly pursue clearer signage. 


13.                                      Parks Committee


Mr Ward stated that the lock has been replaced on the storeroom door.  New keys will be cut and distributed.  A quote is to be obtained for a service/overhaul to the Millennium Green mower.

 A parent was spoken to having taken dogs into the fenced children’s play area. The Clerk reported that she had spoken to a lady who seemed upset that she had been told she should not walk her dog near the pre- school area.

Mr Williams reported that Dr McNamara, who had written pointing out the potential hazard of toxacariosis from dogs on the playing field at the Fete had not received a written reply to his letter.  The Clerk expressed regret but offered to resend the letter which had been posted to him.


14.                                      Fete 2012       


The meeting will now be held in the Dirty Habit at 8pm on Wednesday 19th October.

Mr [& Mrs Williams] gave their apologies.


15.                                      Items for Information


Mr Stephenson reported that he had attended a meeting on MBC’s Core Strategy and the only area of real concern was the inclusion of warehousing on land at Junction 8 of the M20.  This was strongly opposed by the Council, especially as MBC had spent over £1million in opposing the Axa/KIG proposal.  The Clerk confirmed the view of the Parish Council was included in the consultation response.


The meeting closed at 9.15pm



Date of next meeting
14th November at 7.30pm in the Cardwell Pavilion.





Signed as a true record: