October 2014 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on Monday, 13th October 2014 in the Cardwell Pavilion

commencing at 7.30pm


Present: Mr M Bedwell (Chairman)                Mr L Vallins

Mr A Ward (Vice-Chairman)                          Mr A Bennett

Mr J Cobbett                                                   Mr P Waite

Cllr Mrs D Parvin                                            Mr D Ardley (part)

and      Mrs V Smith, Parish Clerk

 In attendance             Cllr John Perry (MBC) & Councillor Bob China (Leeds PC).


1.             Apologies for absence  Dr S Bauer (on vacation)

 2.             Declarations and Requests

 Declaration of Changes to the Register of Interests   – none

Declaration of Interest in items on the Agenda          – none 

     Requests for Dispensations                                    – none

 3.             Approval of minutes of last meeting  (Circulated prior to meeting)

 It was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting.

 4.             Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda) 

 a.       It was agreed that the Annual General Meeting (now called the Annual Meeting) would be held in May 2015, and not tonight.

b.      The grass verge opposite the school has not yet been trimmed.  Mr A Bennett will chase this up.

c.       Mr J Cobbett suggested that some of the Summer Fete surplus could be put towards the School Firework night on 7 November 2014, due to increased firework costs.  Also some money towards the Twinning Committee, e.g. £200 – £300 to set up their new bank account.  All Council members were in agreement to the decision which was already supported by the Fete Committee.

d.      Mr A Bennett is still contacting the Kent Messenger over the vandalism issues on the Meadows Trust land.

e.       Mr J Cobbett had received an e-mail from the Sugar Loaves relating to the supply of refreshments at the WI Safari Market in September when they sold coffee and rolls. It appears that there was some criticism of this but it was noted that other organisations were also trading food and that part of the normal trade of the Sugar Loaves is coffee and rolls.

f.       Mr A Bennett suggested that the purchase of a ‘defibrillator’ be raised as an item in a future Parish Meeting.

g.      Mr P Waite and Mr J Cobbett had attended the Kent Downs AONB Countryside Day at Samphire Hoe, and it had been very interesting.

h.      Mr J Cobbett had been contacted by the owners of Godfrey House and had assured them of the Parish Council’s objections to plans for 14 houses being built opposite their property.

i.        Mr A Bennett offered to help with the sub-editing of the Parish Magazine. It was noted that the PCC had requested that the PC Minutes could be shorter.

 5.      Street Light Finances

 Councillor John Perry, the Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure Services of MBC attended our meeting to advise us on the funding of local street-lighting:

 The Parish Services changes came in 2013/14, as the old system of allocating money was not clear in what services it covered.  A new ‘working document’, the Parish Charter is at present being drafted, and it is basically a framework between the Borough and Parish councils – and it provides details of how the Parish Council will be financed.  We should have a copy of this document by the beginning of next year.

 Cllr J Perry noted that the Parish Council’s grant for all local services had been cut substantially and that street lighting or footpath lighting was no longer being funded.  However the MBC had decided to give a ‘one off’ grant for street-lighting in 2013/4 based on 2011/2012 expenditure which has not been received.  Other Parishes are also in the same situation:  Barming, Borough Monchelsea, Coxheath, Tovil, West Farleigh and Stockbury.  It was noted that the  former MBC Leader Chris Garland had said that he would cover lighting funding although this has not been honoured.

 It was noted that KCC are prepared to take over the maintenance of the street-lights the lights will need to be upgraded and the KCC provided with all maintenance records.  The upgrading of the 21 lights will cost a between £50,000 and £100,000.

 Cllr J Perry informed us that he will look at our case again, and see if we can receive a retrospective payment for this time period.  An email will be sent to him with the figures for 2011/2012.  Cllr J Perry cannot promise to pay us the money but he will try his best.  Mr J Cobbett stated that it would be £2,124 plus Vat that is expected. 

 Chairman’s Report

 Mr M Bedwell is very disappointed that a new version of Waterside Park has been proposed with little change from the previous scheme.  There is a MBC Planning meeting 16th October 2014 in Maidstone.  Mr A Bennett will be speaking on our behalf for the Waterside Park and Mr A Ward regarding the 14 houses proposed for the land next to 103 Eyhorne Street.

 6.      Neighbourhood Plan / Parish Assembly – no comments.

 7.      Parks Report

 a.         Mr P Waite is going to look at a proposed tenancy agreement for the Pre-School Playgroup at the Cardwell Pavilion.  It will then be considered by the Councillors before it is discussed with  Mrs C Judges of the Group.

b.         Mr D Ardley will look into the costs of obtaining metal mesh guards for the radiators in the Cardwell Pavilion.  They will provide child safety but heat the Pavilion more efficiently than the present protective blankets.

c.         Mr A Ward will look into buying an additional item for the playground area.  Cllr Mrs D Parvin has advised us that the MBC will match our costs in obtaining a piece of equipment.  Mr L Vallins reminded us that we could look into obtaining a lottery grant; £10,000 to match fund new items for the village.

 8.         Crime Report              

 PSCO Ryan Waring has taken over from PSCO Dave Rowley in covering the     Hollingbourne and North Down areas.  Ryan provided us with the following report, for between 8th September and 3rd October 2014:

–           21/09/14 – Criminal damage – Pilgrims Way

–           16/09/14 – Theft of pedal cycle – Ashford Road

–           15/09/14 – Theft from motor vehicle – Eyhorne Street

–           14/09/14 – Nuisance Vehicle – Greenway Court Road (anti-social behaviour)

Comparison with the same period in 2013:

–           28/09/13 – Theft – Tilefields

–           22/09/13 – Theft – Tilefields

–           12/09/13 – Theft from motor vehicle – Pilgrims way 

 9.      Clerk’s Report           

 The Clerk informed the councillors that an asbestos safety contractor had attended the Cardwell Pavilion, and we are waiting for their report.

 10.  County Councillor’s Report  –  None available for the meeting.

 11.  Borough Councillor’s Report 

 Mrs Parvin and Mr Perry confirmed that they would pursue the matter at MBC regarding additional playground funding.

 12.  Planning Report       


Waterside Park, M20, Junction 8                                            OBJECT

Hybrid (part outline/part detailed) application for re-grading of the site to form industrial development including warehouses.

The changes in the resubmitted planning application are not all at obvious.  Mr A Bennett will attend a planning meeting on the 16th October 2014, MBC, stating our case.


Woodcut Cottage, Crismill Lane, Thurnham  DO NOT WISH TO OBJECT

Submission of details for conditions 2 and 3 of the Planning Application approval.

 Mr P Waite said that he would attend the Hollingbourne Parish Liaison / Local Plan Meeting, organised by Mr Rob Jarman and the Policy team, held at the MBC, 6.00 pm, 23rd October 2014.

 13.  Environmental Report – none available.

 14.  Fete Report

 Mr J Cobbett advised that no one has yet come forward to run the Fete committee for 2015.  The first Fete meeting is on 24th November at 8pm in the Dirty Habit.

 15.  Off Road Motorcyclists and Quad Bikes

 Various residents affected by the Quad Bikers have recorded 28 events this year when the legal maximum is 14.  Following a number of complaints MBC have instructed the landowner to level the site by 31st October.


 a.         Mr J Cobbett asked the Chairman whether he had managed to speak to organisations in the village regarding joining the twinning committee as discussed at the September meeting. The Chairman stated that he had not done so as yet.

b.         It was noted that over 50 visitors from Templeuve would be attending the Leeds and Hollingbourne Remembrance Day events on 9th November and that Hollingbourne has been invited to the Templeuve Armistice Day ceremony and lunch on 11th November. Further details are on posters and on the village website.

 16.  Financial Report  (Mr J Cobbett)

 a.       The financial outflow is significant and needs to be stabilised by increasing the Parish Precept in 2015/6..  A budget will be prepared in January.  The outstanding VAT claims need to be completed urgently and outstanding invoice receipts chased.

b.  Mrr L Vallins said that we could get lottery grants up to £10,000 and these avenues could be explored. There is £150,000 of funding for which we could be eligible which would allow us to approach ‘Healthy Hearts’ for a defibrillator, acquire convector radiators for the Cardwell Pavilion and have help in making the Pavilion disability-friendly.

c.       Mr J Cobbett stated that at the next Parish Council meeting Mr Peter Lee’s audit letter should be discussed regarding the financial accounts and year end returns. A response to PKF Littlejohn is also required. 

 17.  Items for Information

 a.         Mr A Ward said that on the 5th October 2014, The Dirty Habit, had arranged a ‘walk’ and raised £165 for the school.

b.        Mrs Parvin said that there is a special MBC Council Meeting on the 10th November about whether the Cabinet is dissolved and we go back to Committees.


Date of next meeting          Monday, 10th November 2014, 7.30 pm, Cardwell Pavilion




Signed as a true record:                       Chairman: