October 2018 Minutes.

The Minutes of the Hollingbourne Parish Council Meeting of 8th October 2018 that were approved at the Parish Council Meeting of 12th November 2018.


Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council monthly meeting held on Monday 8th October 2018, in the Cardwell Pavilion, Hollingbourne, commencing at 7.30 pm.


Present:          Mr A Ward (Chairman), Cllr D Ardley, Cllr A Bennett, Cllr Ms A Marshall & Cllr M Gray


In attendance:              Two members of the Public and Mrs V. Smith – Parish Clerk.


  1. Apologies for absence:    Cllr J Cobbett (holiday), Cllr S Bauer (healthcare commitments),

Cllr Mrs Shellina Prendergast (KCC), Cllr Patrik Garten (MBC) and

PCSO Daniel Genn (previous engagements)


  1. Declarations and Requests

Declaration of Changes to the Register of Interests – none; Declaration of Interest in items on the Agenda – Cllr D Ardley knows the person in connection with 6 Bank Cottages, Pilgrim’s Way (Planning Application); Requests for Dispensations – none


  1. Approval of minutes of last meeting (circulated prior to meeting)

It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting on 10th September 2018 are a true and accurate record of the meeting.


  1. Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda) – none

6a.   Cllr A Ward confirmed that Mr Dave Skinner will be sorely missed by the Parish Council and villagers as he carried out a lot of horticultural work within the village.  The Clerk will liaise with the Meadows Trust to see if they can offer assistance in cutting grass around the playground, verges, etc.  Action:  The Clerk

7a.   The Clerk will chase up the quotations for carrying out work within the playground.  Action:  The Clerk

10a. Cllr S Hulme advised that he is happy to continue to use personal emails amongst the Parish Council members, and it was agreed by the Parish Councillors at the previous Parish Meeting that they are to be contacted by the public, it will be via the Clerk’s email address which is pchollingbourne@gmail.com .  The names and mobile numbers should be the only contact information on the Parish Council website for the Parish Councillors.  The Clerk will draw up a consent form for the next Parish Meeting for the Councillors, to confirm that they are happy for her to hold their personal data.  Action:  The Clerk

  1. The Clerk is pursuing the matter of the firework displays in the neighbouring area. Action: The Clerk


  1. Police Report – (via email)
  2. There have been no notable crime reports generated in the village since the last Parish Meeting. PCSO Daniel Genn has attended the school to ensure drivers did not park on double yellow lines, with only one driver requiring correction.  The school is attended by the Police on a semi-regular basis to help prevent parking on the zig-zag lines or in other unsafe positions.
  3. The Parish Council would like to urge villagers to contact the Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if they have information relating to crimes, or other concerns that they would like to anonymously supply to the Police. Crimestoppers is a charity which the Police use frequently.  If you own a smart phone, the ‘app’ https://countryeye.co.uk/ is also a very convenient way of reporting matters and concerns to the police and the Parish Council would urge you to use this service.


  1. Highways – Parking in passing points along Pilgrim’s Way / Broad Street (Cllr D Ardley / Public)
  2. The Parish Council sent a letter to every household in the Broad Street about an issue that has been brought to the attention of the Parish Council with regards to the parking of vehicle in a passing place in Broad Street. In response, various emails and letters had been returned to the Clerk and representation by a resident in the area at the Parish Council.  A direct letter to the vehicle owner may be more beneficial in the circumstances, or if the vehicle belongs to walkers in the area a sign may be more efficient advising them not to park in the passing place.  Generally, with regards to parking in passing points, it would be a KCC issue primarily and possibly the Police.  Parking in a passing point is an obstruction and as such a Police matter rather than the Local and Borough Councils.  The Traffic Management Act 2004 is quite clear on this matter.




  1. Chairman’s Report – Cllr A Ward
  2. Cllr Ward is in full approval of the Speedwatch initiative and to date there are four village residents keen to help out. The Clerk will liaise with PCSO Genn to see if he can provide the equipment necessary and give guidance as to how the scheme works, as he has advised that this is a possibility. Action:  The Clerk


  1. Remembrance Sunday (Parish Council’s Input to the day’s event) – Parish Councillors
  2. The Clerk has received an email from the Church with regards to having a table within the Church at the Remembrance Service, 11th November, with flowers or artefacts on show specifically from the Parish Council. The Parish Councillors agreed upon providing flowers for the Church and the Clerk will contact the Church Wardens to this effect.  For reference, on Remembrance Day the Church Service is at 10.45 am, Memorial Service, 12.45 pm and the Meadows Trust Project 100 event is at 2.00 pm. The beacon is located in the school and unless matters have changed since the PC meeting, it is with the Parish Council to arrange for the lighting of the beacon as neither the school or the Meadows Trust have the resources to arrange.

UPDATE:  The Beacon provided by the Meadows Trust will be lit on the same land as the Project 100 event, 6.50 pm (time t.b.c.).  Action:  The Clerk


  1. Clerk’s Report – including Cardwell bookings and maintenance
  2. The Clerk has received an email from a local resident with regards to the excessive litter on the land used by the off-road bike club, at the back of the Meadows Trust land. The resident has collected a lot of the litter in black sacks, as the state of the land is very upsetting, but the collection of waste is not her responsibility.  The Clerk will contact Maidstone BC with regards to the matter.  Action:  The Clerk
  3. The Clerk will look into S106 documents relating to approved planning application for the developers Fernham Homes in the area on Eyhorne Street, between Godfrey House and Claygate, with a view to seeing if contributions can assist in refurbishing the play-ground and the Lance Memorial Field.

Action:  The Clerk

  1. The Code of Conduct in Relation to Respect which has been provided by Maidstone BC for the Parish Council was distributed to the Parish Councillors for their reference, and its guidance is to be adopted with immediate effect. The document was distributed to the Parish Councillors at the meeting.
  2. The Parish Councillors present agreed that the Clerk could obtain quotations for the exterior painting of the Cardwell Pavilion and the cleaning of the windows. Action:  The Clerk
  3. The Kent Fire Service have been in contact with the Clerk with regards to the collection of the defibrillator which they are going to kindly donate to the Parish Council for Hollingbourne village. The Clerk will be contacted again when a date is set to receive the machine, and then arrangements can be made the have it installed upon the school building, which has previously been agreed between the Headteacher and the Clerk.


  1. County Councillor’s Report – Cllr Mrs S Prendergast – nothing to report.


  1. Borough Councillor’s Report – Cllr Patrik Garten
  2. A S106 legal agreement for the application at Woodcut Farm (Junction 8), ref. 17/502331/OUT,has been drawn up. The applicant formally withdrew their appeal at the planning tribunal. The outline approval by committee from last November is the one, which will now proceed.  The Clerk will investigate the agreement.  Action:  The Clerk
  3. Please see Cllr Garten’s latest newsletter on the Parish website http://www.hollingbournepc.kentparishes.gov.uk/october-2018-newsletter-from-our-borough-councillor/

and current Consultations can be found at:


  1. Planning Committee Report – Cllr A Bennett
  2. 18/504777/FULL – 6 Bank Cottages, Pilgrim’s Way, Hollingbourne

Proposal:  Erection of a part two storey, part single storey side extension with internal alterations to provide a 4 bedroom cottage.

Decision:   DO NOT WISH TO OBJECT – all Parish Councillors, able to vote, in favour.

  1. 18/504719/FULL – 11 Eyhorne Street, Hollingbourne

Proposal:  Proposed loft conversion, including insertion of a new rear window to ground floor and 14 x roof-lights.  Decision:  DO NOT WISH TO OBJECT

  1. 18/504363/FULL – Former Telephone Exchange, Ashford Road, Hollingbourne

Proposal:  Conversion and single storey side extension to former telephone exchange to create a one bed dwelling with associated parking, vehicle turning, timber gates and new bike shed.  Decision:  DNWTO

  1. 18/504611/FULL & 18/504612/LBC – ‘Wayfarer’s’, Pilgrim’s Way, Hollingbourne

Proposal:  Listed building consent for construction of a small wall (0.9 m high) topped with chestnut hurdles (to a total height of 2.1 m) to hide a heating oil tank and waste bins adjacent to the house.  (Part retrospective).  Decision:  The comments deadline date of the 3rd October had passed, but Cllr A Bennett recommended that the Parish Council would have agreed ‘do not wish to object’.


  1. Environmental Committee Report – Cllr Dr S Bauer
  2. It was brought to the Parish Council’s attention that the byway opposite the entrance to Hospital Road is really in a bad state with deep mud and it’s very difficult to walk along. The Clerk will contact KCC with regards to the matter and liaise with Public Rights of Way.  Action:  The Clerk
  3. The tree-surgeon who removed the dead tree on Tanyard Green has also bored out the stump so that it is not a ‘trip hazard’. A new ornamental tree will be planted on the green to replace the aforementioned tree, and this was agreed upon by the Parish Councillors present.  Cllr A Marshall, who has investigated an appropriate species of tree, has experience in horticultural matters, and the tree selected is of a suitable type which will not grow excessively large.


  1. Finance Committee Report – Cllr J Cobbett
  2. There is £42,133.73 in the Parish Council’s combined bank accounts. Cllr D Ardley authorised the cheques drawn by the Clerk.
  3. A Finance Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 7th November, 7.30 pm at the Cardwell Pavilion for the proposals for the 2019/20 budget which may include two notice-boards, a defibrillator and its storage cabinet, seating benches, additional speed signs, adult outdoor exercise equipment and the cost of a Volunteer Support Warden (shared with a neighbouring village). Any possible Section 106  funding will also be discussed at the meeting.  Action:  The Clerk / Finance Committee


  1. Highways and Infrastructure Committee Report – Cllr D Ardley
  2. Cllr D Ardley advised that the speed survey report, which took place on the 12th to 18th September, had been submitted to the Parish Council.  The average speed of vehicles travelling on Eyhorne Street, a 30mph zone, near Godfrey House was 32mph (average daily 85% percentile figure 36.7mph in both directions).  The average speed of vehicles travelling between the Church Approach corner and Greenway Court Road was 35.6mph (average daily 85% percentile figure 40.8mph in both directions).  The 85% percentile is the speed at which 85% of all vehicles are observed to travel under free flowing conditions, and this is the vital information required by the KCC Highways in order to make positive changes.  In conclusion, the report shows that speeding is excessive through the village and the Speedwatch initiative would be a good start in controlling the traffic.  However, extra measures need to be adopted via the Highways Plan to be submitted to KCC.  The Parish Council will take their advice in this matter, as extra signage in areas where pathways are non-existent will not necessarily slow down traffic.  The Highways Plan can now be taken forward with these findings.  Action:  Cllr D Ardley / The Clerk
  3. Additional speed survey cables have been recently installed in the village but these have not been arranged by the Parish Council.


  1. Parks Committee Report – Cllr A Marshall / Cllr A Ward
  2. Cllr Marshall has passed details of appropriate herbicides onto the villager who is able to assist in cleaning out the Millennium Park pond, with a view to carrying out the necessary work.
  3. Cllr A Ward is looking into the clearance of the paths within the Millennium Park, but will liaise with the regular maintenance provider before proceeding.


  1. Fête Sub-Committee Report – Cllr D Ardley & Cllr A Ward

A finalising meeting will be arranged for this year’s fete, and a new date set for 2019.  The meeting will be held on a day within the week when more members of the Fete Committee are available to attend.

The Clerk advised the Parish Councillors that a total profit for the Parish Council of £604.30 had been made at the 2018 fete, which is an improvement on previous years.


  1. Twinning Sub-Committee Report – Cllr J Cobbett –
  2. Discussions are being held with Templeuve regarding the future direction of the Twinning arrangement.  We look forward to further feedback from Cllr J Cobbett at the next Parish Meeting.



Date of next meeting: Monday 12th November 2018, 7.30 pm, Cardwell Pavilion, Hollingbourne





Signed as a true record:                       Chairman:                                      Date: