Offer of First Aid Training.

Hollingbourne Parish Council receives news and other update from the local Next Door network and today an offer has been made of first aid training from Frank Bradshaw from Lenham who has previously talked at the Hollingbourne Annual Parish Meeting about the need for defibrillators. Two were subsequently installed with one outside the Village Hall with the other one near the School. 

It is understood that the target time for an ambulance to reach Hollingbourne is 12-15 minutes while a defibrillator needs to be used within 4 minutes if it is to be successful. In theory the ambulance time to Hollingbourne could increase after Brexit if there are traffic issues along the M20/A20 transport corridor caused by Operation Brock.

Frank Bradshaw writes:

I have seen a number of incidents in Lenham that with a very basic Training in First Aid/Resuscitation and the use of a Defib somebody’s life could be saved, having worked as a Paramedic and Community First Responder both here and overseas, I can teach that system which can be called street First Aid no equipment just your hands and what you carry. The Training is for Adults and Children and the methods used to help a person with Injuries, Burns, Collapse, Strokes, and so on for a person who has had a suspected heart Attack you have around 4 mins to do something, time 4 mins and see what time you have to save a life. The training will take around 1-2 hours.

Frank Bradshaw can be contacted at

Pictured below is a poster about strokes and the need to act fast.

Stroke Poster 2019.