Ongoing concerns about traffic issues between Claygate and Statiion Road.

Hollingbourne Parish has been receiving reports that vehicles that wish to pass each other on the section of Eyhorne Street between Claygate and Station Road appear to have difficulties of late because of the width of the road. In fact a number of vehicles going in the direction of Station Road have had to mount the pavement in order that they can pass each other.

In July the matter was raised with KCC Highways and their local Inspector contacted the Site Manager of the Brickfields Close development site between Godfrey House and Claygate who agreed to move back the temporary cones at the site entrance in order to widen the carriageway. The site entrance is development of 14 houses and the marketing launch weekend is 14th and 15th September. The are no “affordable” houses in the development and most of the Section 106 payment by Fernham Homes for Brickfields Close will be spent elsewhere in the Maidstone Borough.

Despite the commitment of the builders it still seems that most vehicles coming down Eyhorne Street are taking a path which is away from the site entrance and which straddles the B2163/C603 with the result that vehicles going up Eyhorne Street have to stop or to mount the pavement in order to pass each other.

This particular section of Eyhorne Street has been the scene of many minor road traffic accidents over the years and has been popular with speeders which is why the solar powered reactive speed sign was placed opposite Godfrey House some years ago. Part of the costs were met by the proceeds from a Hollingbourne Village Fete.

Motorists are asked to take particular care when driving past Brickfields Close and along the section of the Eyhorne Street between Claygate and Station Road. The width of the road in this section has been measured at 5.2 metres whereas the recommended minimum width for a country road is 5.5 metres.

Pictured (top) is a typical vehicle driving down Eyhorne Street past Brickfields Close with the speed sign on the left just out of sight, (middle) is the entrance to the Brickfields Close development site, and (bottom) a car which came to grief in June 2016 on the same section of the B2163. 

A randomly selected vehicle driving down Eyhorne Street past Brickfields Close in August 2019.
The entrance to the Fernham Homes Brickfields Close development site in August 2019.
Accident in Eyhorne Street in June 2016.