Operation Stack causes traffic problems on the A20.

Operation Stack has today been actioned by Kent Police because of traffic problems at Dover caused by Storm Gareth which has caused serious delays for cross Channel ferries. At lunchtime today the coastbound side of the M20 from Junction 8 to Junction 9 at Ashford was closed to traffic apart from lorries heading towards Dover. Other coastbound traffic was diverted by the A20 while the London bound side of the M20 was fully used for traffic including the two centre lanes which will be used for coast bound traffic if Operation Brock is actioned. Operation Brock is the scheme to store thousands of lorries awaiting Customs at Dover and Eurotunnel if and when the UK leaves the EU Customs Union after Brexit.  

At the time the pictures were taken from the B2149/C603 in Hollingbourne London bound traffic was flowing freely and any lorry storage area was out of sight towards Ashford. There was heavy traffic around the Great Danes roundabout on the A20 in both directions.

It is understood that Operation Stack will continue until at least tomorrow (14th March).

Pictured below are some of the scenes around Hollingbourne today which hopefully will not be repeated if Operation Brock happens.

The view towards Ashford with the lorry storage area on the left – March 2019.
The view toards Junction 8 with the lorry storage area on the right – March 2019.
Traffic pouring off the M20 at Junction 8 and on to the A20.
Traffic queueing into the distance on the A20 at Hollingbourne – March 2019.