Overnight vandalism in Hollingbourne.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has been made aware of overnight vandalism in the village on the last two nights with men seen tampering with cars at 2.30am and last night the wooden sign outside of Eyhorne Manor was trashed. Also during Saturday night a car parked in Eyhorne Street developed a hole in a tyre wall although it is not certain that this was vandalism.

Hollingbourne rarely sees much crime although the Junction 8 Motorway Service within the Parish of Hollingbourne is often the scene of minor crimes including the driving off of vehicles from the petrol station without payment. Other occasional crimes on the North Downs include hare coursing at night using the headlights of vehicles to light up the land.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has recently received the winter edition of the Kent Rural Policing newsletter which can be downloaded at  Rural-Matters-13.pdf (53 downloads)

A report on policing activity on the North Downs including Operation Salmon which relates to Hollingbourne can be downloaded at  Crag-report-27th-November.pdf (40 downloads)

The current Police Community Support Officer for Hollingbourne is Daniel Genn and he can be contacted at Daniel.Genn@kent.pnn.police.uk 

Pictured below is the broken sign outside of Eyhorne Manor in Eyhorne Street (top) and Eyhorne Manor (below).

The broken sign outside of Eyhorne Manor.
Eyhorne Manor in Hollingbourne, Kent.