Parish Council to stop publishing draft minutes plus other village news – UPDATED.

Tonight Hollingbourne Parish Council resolved by 5 votes to 2 with one abstention to stop publishing the unapproved minutes of their meetings and only the approved minutes. Up to now the unapproved but Councillor reviewed minutes have been placed on the village website within days of the meeting subject to further redaction, and also supplied to the Kent Messenger and Downs Mail and other media outlets including the Parish Magazine which until last year published the draft minutes in the month following the monthly meeting.

The Parish Magazine no longer publishes the Parish Council minutes in any form. The September unapproved minutes will not be available in the public domain but the approved minutes by the full Council will be placed on the village website some time after the October Parish Council meeting on 9th October. Unless the Kent Messenger and Downs Mail continue to publish extracts from the approved minutes the information will not be publicly available on paper except by application to the Parish Clerk.

UPDATE – At the Parish Council Meeting on 9th October it was decided to reverse the decision not to publish draft Minutes that was taken at the September Parish Council meeting. Parish Council members have been asked to check the draft and unapproved Minutes before they are placed in the public domain.

Other matters considered at tonight’s Parish Council Meeting:

The Parish Council resolved to support the Village Hall Committee’s plans to secure the future of the Village Hall which appears to be under threat because the landlords, EI Group PLC, have so far declined to renew the lease on the land on which the Hall was built in 1968. The lease expired in August 2016.

Hospital Road residents have complained about the noise and interruption caused by quad bike events that appear to take place frequently. It was suggested that they referred the matter back to Maidstone Borough Council who have apparently suggested to the complainants that they contact the Parish Council.

The new play equipment at the Cardwell Pavilion, funded by the developers of Godfrey Meadow is going ahead although the two new gates at the entrance to Godfrey Meadow have been stolen. The After School Club who have been meeting at the Cardwell Pavilion is to close.

It was decided to hold the 2018 Village Fete on 9th June  and to hold a Fete Planning Meeting in the near future to which representatives of village organisations would be invited to attend.

It was reported that the water level had fallen in the stream that runs through Hollingbourne.

The licensing service at Boxley Church for the new Team Vicar, the Reverend Paul Kite who will live in the Vicarage with his family is at 7pm on 25th September. At the same time the AGM of the Maidstone CAB which serves Hollingbourne will be at the same time in Maidstone Town Hall. All are welcome at both events.

The meeting was attended by local MBC Councillor Patrik Garten. Local KCC Councillor Shellina Prendergast sent her apologies.