Parish Council vacancy may be filled by co-option. – UPDATED.

In May the Hollingbourne Parish Council Chairman resigned from the Council and a new Parish Council Chairman was elected at the Parish Council Annual General Meeting. As yet nobody has come forward to fill the vacancy on the Parish Council and Maidstone Borough Council has advised the Parish Clerk that the vacancy may be filled by co-opting a new member. 

The Parish Council meets monthly with the exception of August on the second Monday of each month at 7.30pm in the Cardwell Pavilion. Meetings are generally over by about 9.15pm and there are occasional Sub-Committee meetings covering the Fete, Finance, Planning, and Parks etc. If you like more information or wish to show an interest in being co-opted, please contact Vicki Smith, the Parish Clerk on Tel 880526.

UPDATE as of 9th July. – Andrea Marshall from Eyhorne Street has been co-opted as a member of Hollingbourne Parish Council following the resignation of Mike  Bedwell in May.

The formal application form can be downloaded at : Parish-council-co-option-form.doc (100 downloads)

Reproduced below is the letter from Maidstone Borough Council advising Hollingbourne Parish Council that a co-option can take place.