Petition launched for safer crossing on A20/Ashford Road.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has launched a petition to request that KCC Highways install a crossing on the A20/Ashford Road between the Great Danes-Mercure Hotel and Leeds/Penfold Hill roundabouts. ON both sides of the dual carriageway are the bus stops for the Maidstone and Ashford services and residents including schoolchildren presently risk their lives when crossing the A20 at this point because of the volume of traffic.

Kent County Council Highways have quoted a price of around £70,000 for a light controlled zebra or pelican crossing but no pricve as yet for a brifge. This particular section of the A20 is very busy with traffic leaving the M20 at Junction 8 and is often gridlocked during rush hours or during Operation Stack whichas happened no less than fifteen times so far this year. Operation Stack occurs when the M20 is closed to traffic and is used between Junctions 8 and 9 for the parking of heavy goods vehicles that are awaiting access to the Channel Tunnel and the Port of Dover. Operation Stack can last for several days or even a week or more. The M20 can also be closed at Junction when accidents occur which increaes the flow of traffic on the Ashford Road.

Although there have been no recent serious accidents at this point Hollingbourne Parish Council does not want to wait for an accident to happen before a crossing is installed. Other crossings have been installed at the A20 at Charing a bridge was built at Detling following a seious fatality some years ago.

If you would like to sign the petition please contact the Parish Clerk, Vicki Smith, at the Cardwell Pavilion, or a Hollingbourne Parish Council School Gates. It is also due to be available in Christopher’s Village Shop in Eyhorne Street.

Pictured below is the A20 at Hollingbourne Corner where a new crossing is needed. The Maidstone bound bus shelter is just behind the hedge in the centre reservation. The Ashford bound bus stop is just to the left of the picture.


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