Pictures of the newly restored Culpeper Tapestry in Hollingbourne Church.

The sixteenth century needlework tapestry that was made by the ladies of the Culpeper family in Hollingbourne Manor is now back in a showcase in the Vestry of All Saints’ Church in Hollingbourne after a long restoration.

The Parochial church Council want to make it more available for public viewing and an Open Morning with a talk by one of the restorers is planned for the near future at a date which is yet to be fixed. The showcase has just had new lighting installed and blinds are to follow which will protect the fabric from sunlight.

Pictured below is the tapestry including pictures of some of the detailed work around the edge. The pictures are from William Perry. 

The restored Culpeper tapestry in the refurbished showcase.
The edge of the Culpeper tapestry featuring angels.
Another view of the angels on the Culpeper tapestry.
A detail on the edge of the Culpeper tapestry showing flowers.
The Culpeper tapestry with apples on the edge.
The Culpeper tapestry with grapes on the edge.