Planning Application to convert Brickfields Close terrace in to 2 blocks of semi-detached houses refused.- UPDATED.

At the June Hollingbourne Parish Council Meeting an application from Fernham to convert a terrace of 4 “more affordable ” houses on the Brickfields Close development site to the east of Eyhorne Street was opposed by the Parish Council. It has now been considered by Maidstone Borough Council Planning Department and they have decided to reject the application.

The planning application amendment showed a one metre gap between the houses. No prices have been published for the 12 houses between Godfrey House and Claygate which are currently under construction. The objection was supported by local MBC Councillor Patrik Garten.

UPDATE as of 21st June – Maidstone Borough Council Planning Department has reconsidered their decision and now wish that the development proceeds despite local objections. Please see 19_503038_NMAMD-Delegated_Report_MBC-4622102.pdf (48 downloads)

Pictured below is  the entrance to the site (top) and the Hollingbourne Parish Council’s advice which was sent to Maidstone Borough Council (bottom).

Fernham Homes Brickfields Close site entrance in April 2019.



Application Reference: 19/502795/NMAMD

Proposal: Non material amendment to split the terrace units 9-12 into 2 semis with a 1m access gap between the plots of planning permission 16/508640/FULL.

Location: Land East of Eyhorne Street (between Godfrey House and Claygate), Hollingbourne

The Representations of the Town/Parish Council are as follows:

Please tick one box only

Request Approval 1.

Request Refusal 2. 

Do not wish to Comment/Object 3.

If you have ticked box 1 or 2 please give your planning related reasons:

The Hollingbourne Parish Council does not see this planning application as a ‘non-material amendment’ as it is changing the fundamental style of the properties and therefore substantially changing the original planning consent. The requirement for smaller properties in the village were welcome by the Parish Council, but the new proposals are not of this type.

If you have requested the application to be Refused, are there any planning conditions that would overcome your objection(s): To keep the properties design as previously consented by the Hollingbourne Parish Council.

(Maidstone Borough Council Parish & Town Councils ONLY) Please indicate whether you wish the application to be considered by the Planning Committee should your views be contrary to the Case Officer’s Recommendation:



If you have ticked ‘Yes’ above please give your planning reason(s):

As items 1 and 2 above.

Clerk’s signature Town/Parish Council Date sent
Vicki Smith Hollingbourne Parish Council 17.06.2019