Proposed Hollingbourne Care Home to charge £1400-£1500 a week.

Today a number of residents attended an exhibition this afternoon in the Village Hall that was organised by the Berkeley Care Group who wish to build a 79 bed care home on the site of White Heath on the Ashford Road near to Junction 8 of the M20. The Berkley Care Group already operate a number of hotel style care homes where the weekly fees are between £1200 and £1600. The Hollingbourne home expects to charge between£1400 and£1500 per week. It is understood that there will only be a registered nurse on site during the day time.

At the present time no formal planning application has been made for the project which will back on to the approved but not built Roxhill warehousing and distribution complex on Woodcut Farm and adjoin the former site of the Hollingbourne Workhouse where there are still a few buildings left. It is believed that there is an Anglo Saxon burial ground in the area. It is also close to the entrance point of the Operation Brock lorry storage area on the M20.

It is understood that the project will be backed by Coutts Bank and operated by a privately owned company in the same way that each of the other homes trading under the Berkley Care Homes name is owned by an individual company.

The website of Berkley Care Homes is who may be able to provide more information for local residents who were unable to attend the afternoon exhibition which ran from 2pm to 5pm. A request to extend the exhibition to the evening so that local residents who work during the daytime could attend was declined.

Pictured below is the OS map for Hollingbourne with White Heath marked to the left of Junction 8 of the M20.

White Heath is just to the left of the blue “8”.

Reproduced below is the leaflet advertising the consultation showing an artist’s impression of the new Care Home. Many attendees at the presentation expressed the view that the building looks more “commercial” than a residence for the elderly. 

THe propopsed Berkeley Care Home at White Heath at Junction 8 of the M230 next to the proposed Roxhill warehousing and distribution complex.