Queen Charlotte’s Ball comes to Leeds Castle.

The 2017 Queen’s Charlotte Ball where the daughters of the very rich dress up in white ball gowns and reportedly curtsy to a cake was held in Leeds Castle on Saturday night. Young ladies from all over the world attended this event and some stayed at Boughton Monchelsea Place.

Pictures of the event are at http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/event/the-2017-queen-charlottes-ball-takes-place-at-leeds-castle-775036840?#debutante-fatima-khan-from-buckinghamshire-is-bathed-in-evening-light-picture-id845188254

Other pictures of the London Season event are in the national press including The Times, The Daily Telegraph, and the Daily Mail. 

Leeds Castle is the largest local employer in the Hollingbourne area and many young residents and others work at the castle and in particular in the catering department during the summer.

The invitation is reproduced below.

Invitation to Queen Charlotte’s Ball – Leeds Castle September 2017 – No ticket price given.