Report of All Saints’ Hollingbourne Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council of All Saints’ Hollingbourne has supplied the following unapproved minutes for the Hollingbourne website. Future meetings will be reported on the website in due course.

MINUTES for Hollingbourne Parochial Church Council Meeting on Wed 20th March , 2019, at 6.30 p.m. at THE CHURCH

Chairman Revd. Paul Kite
• Present Jo Horton, Natalie Williams, Valerie Lurcock, Peter Lurcock, Gill Brown, David Silsbey, John Cobbett and Phil Smith Liz Jordan (auditor) – for first part of meeting
1. Prayers and Welcome
• Revd Paul Kite welcomed everyone and opened with a prayer,
2. Apologies for Absence
• Jim Findley and Hugh Fox
3. Notification of AOB
• N/A
4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 22nd November 2018
• Amendments made
5. Matters arising not covered on Agenda
• N/A
• Liz Jordan went through the church accounts, which she had approved
• Rev. Paul Kite thanked Liz Jordan for attending the meeting for all her time and hard work over the years and wished her well in her retirement.

7. Treasurer’s Report
• Rev. Paul Kite thanked Phil S for all his hard work.
• Phil S- At this stage of the year, we have generally spent around 75% of our total spend for the year, excluding any major fabric spend. The two largest items are Parish Share and Insurance. At this stage the 2019 spend is £21.9k vs £27.0k in 2018, so we are well in hand, with no major fabric expenditure planned.
o The Parish Share is £17.7k as against £23.5k last year. The Insurance is £2.4k against £2.2k last year, but the Culpeper Tapestry is included (for which the Excess was finally set at £1,000).
o Daytime unit electricity prices rose by 19% in March, and we already spend about £1.8k per year on this. I will investigate alternative suppliers, but we also need to ensure control of usage.
o On the plus side, we received £3.3k of Gift Aid in February, a hangover from 2018. Further, our Parish Magazine advertising revenue is holding up well at £2.2k.

8. Churchwarden Nominations & PCC members for 2019
• Jim Findlay is standing down as Church Warden after 10 years of service. A new Church Warden, will need to be elected at the APCM.
• Jim Findlay is also Deanery Synod representative and a replacement for the remain year if the three term office may need to be elected at the APCM.
• Jo H will remain as an ex-officio member of PCC in her role as one of two Deanery Synod representatives. Jo H to resign as an elected PCC member (and as Secretary)
• Val L – on behalf of Jim F mentioned that the church has 50 years of Parish Magazines. It was decided by the PCC that these magazines would be donated to the archives. This was proposed by Gill B and seconded by Phill S, with the unanimous vote in favor of this option.

10. Fabric Report
• Peter L – inspection overdue on the quinquennial this will be considered along with replacing some lights after the APCM.
Thoughts were raised about looking into getting a new architect.
11. Social Events/Committee
• Val L – has emailed everyone on the old Social Committee about helping out on the 20th April open day. Revd. Paul K and Karen K would like help with refreshments from 11-2pm and the offer is open to all.
• It has been suggested that a list of people is put together of people to help out during key events throughout the year for example the Harvest Supper and the village fete, this list is to be open to all.

12. Culpeper Open Day & re-printing of “Hollingbourne & the Culpeper’s”
• Val L – on the 15th June from 10-2pm the conservator (Alex Seith-Smith) will be coming to church to show slides of the restoration that has taken place on the Culpeper tapestry.
• Work is underway to get a Culpeper guidebook ready for sale at this event.

13. Hucking
• David S – There is to be a Wedding taking place on the 29th June. Windows will be made in July.
14. Deanery Synod
• Jo H – Val L and Hugh F attended the last meeting on the 12th March. Notes of the meeting had previously been circulated to PCC members who were asked to note the contents.
15. Correspondence
• Jo H – has circulated all correspondence received.

16. Vicar’s Report
• N/A

17. Safeguarding
• All who have received training have been uploaded onto the Church of England data base – the next course for those who need it will be emailed.
18. Any Other Business
• Revd. Paul K to meet with Sarah Hughes regarding the Pilgrims way churches website, which was almost ready.
• Bishop’s Retirement Gift – Bishop’s retirement gift was discussed
• Bishop’s Order re Marriage etc – Once retirement has taken place, Revd. Paul K will send out a letter regarding this.
• Death of Sovereign –in the event of such a situation. The PCC agreed that a Book of condolences for both Prince Phillip and the Queen will be available in each parish. This is to be arranged by Revd. Paul K.
• Retirement of the church warden was considered.
• Village Fete – to be held on the 8th June – volunteers needed to man the stalls.
19. Matters Subject to Restricted Access
• 6,12,17,18
20. Date of next meeting – APCM – 28th April after the Sunday service in the church