September 2009 Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on 14th September 2009   in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr Bedwell (Chairman), Mr Cobbett (Vice-Chairman), Mrs Baxter, Mr Stephenson, Mr Ward, Mr Williams.

Also in attendance:  Mrs J Whittle (County Councillor), Ms E Lawrence (Clerk),

PC Lee Tallon and 5 members of the public.


1.       Apologies for absence  Mrs Parvin


2.       Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests


There was one declaration of interest by Mr Bedwell regarding the planning application made by the Football Club.

There were no amendments to the Register of Interests.


3.      Co-option of Parish Councillor


Two candidates had offered to stand to fill the casual vacancy, and both were invited to make a short presentation. The Council then voted and duly elected Mr Glenn Bryan.  Mr Alan Bennett was thanked for his interest and he in turn offered to support the Council as and when he could.  Mr Bryan joined the Council but was advised that he had no voting rights at this meeting, i.e. until he had completed his acceptance of office and register of interests documentation.


(4)*The meeting was adjourned for 10 minutes Public Question Time and then resumed.*



 5.     County Councillors report


Mrs Whittle reported that she was in discussions regarding the availability of Police Community Support Officers.  Her current priority is the KIG appeal.  She informed the meeting that Victoria Wallace of Leeds Castle had registered to speak at the Public Inquiry.

She will be visiting the school in the forthcoming week.

Notice had been given during public question time that a performance of “Joe Carpenter & Son – an English Nativity” written by Graham Clarke would be held in the Church and Mrs Whittle stated that a small amount of sponsorship might be possible.

The Community Action Plan items regarding Kent Highways and the traffic/speeding problems will be supported by Mrs. Whittle as far as possible.


 6.     Approval of Minutes of last meeting Circulated prior to meeting)


Mr Cobbett  proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted.  This was seconded by Mr Williams and agreed.


7.       Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


The pre-school had provided the Clerk with a key to their storage area.





The order of agenda changed to allow PC Tallon to report earlier


11.     Crime report   PC Lee Tallon introduced himself as the rural police officer responsible for Hollingbourne.  There were 5 reported crimes since the last report, viz. two thefts from vehicles, two burglaries from properties and the theft of a road sign from Hollingbourne Hill.  It was noted with some concern by the members that a known theft from outside a property was not included in the statistics.  This was attributed to poor data input, whereby events were logged as “Maidstone”.

An abandoned car has been reported and PC Tallon has traced the owner and is dealing with the matter.


8.       Chairman’s Report   Mr Bedwell spoke of the huge amount of work undertaken by Mr Dennett, who has greatly improved the Lance Memorial field by his efforts.  He has removed some 70 trailer loads of garden refuse and “dumped” items to Tovil.  Flowers to be sent to Mrs Dennett as a token of appreciation, proposed by the chairman and seconded by Mr Williams. Action: Clerk

Mr Bedwell confirmed he had sent a letter, drafted by Mr George Smith, re-enforcing objections to the revised KIG proposals. The revisions would not improve the situation for Hollingbourne.

Further to a question raised about a sign which had been erected warning walkers of the presence of cattle, Mr Bedwell had received a visit from the landowner, who had explained that the cattle were not usual in Kent and that he hoped to breed them.  The clerk drew members attention to Agriculture Information Sheet No 17EW issued by the Health and Safety Executive, which gives relevant advice, explaining that there are rules for landowners but walkers also have a responsibility not to take unnecessary risks.  She drew attention to CROW – the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.

Mr Bedwell confirmed that Mr Little had prepared a time line of events surrounding the libel case which had occurred last year and wished to receive comments from the Councillors before issuing his report.


9.       Finance report


A list of cheques to be issued for July and August expenditure was circulated prior to the meeting.  Mr Cobbett proposed that the cheques be issued and this was seconded by Mr. Williams.  A  Finance Committee meeting to be arranged for October in light of the possible need to draw on reserves. Action: Clerk

Mr Cobbett proposed that the Parish Council support the Production of Joe Carpenter and Son with £100 as they did not have suitable printing facilities to offer.  Seconded by Mr Bedwell and agreed by all.  The Clerk asked for a proposal to change waste collection contractors to achieve savings, prosal made by Mr Stephenson, seconded by Mr Cobbett and agreed by all.


10.       Clerks report  The Clerk reported that she had received a request for the Pre-School to access the internet via the Councils wireless router.  The Council agreed in principle, but asked that the request be put in writing, the request being agreed at no cost, but with no obligation to maintain.

The chairman of the Local Standards Board had contacted the Clerk, asking that members be encouraged to attend the forthcoming Code of Conduct training offered by MBC on

16 September and 7 October.  Mr Cobbett and Mr Ward could not attend either.  Mrs Baxter had already requested October,  Mr Stephenson and Mr Williams  requested September and Mr Bedwell and Dr Bauer October.  Action: Clerk to book places.

Attention was drawn to a newly placed swing on a tree on the LM Field.  Any child who sustained an injury on or by the swing would not be covered by the council insurance, it having been placed without permission and to an unknown standard.  Action: Clerk

The Clerk clarified the position with regard to dogs on the LM Field.  The Parish Council can suspend their by-law for occasions such as the Fete, as the clean Neighbourhood Act allows for this.


11.       CAP update and HPC Actions:


Crime Update     Already covered

Traffic/parking   No progress

Housing               Awards to local authorities have been made recently, Mr. Stephenson will pursue Cascade again.

School                 Discussions with IT users on-going

Environment       No response to the request for more people to be involved with             Neighbourhood Watch


Mrs Baxter reported on the Kent Calor Village of the Year results and the Chairman thanked everyone involved in achieving such good results.  As the winner of the sustainability category, it placed Hollingbourne in a good position to re-enforce the argument against KIG.

She asked members to consider how best to use the prize money of £250.00


12.    Parks Report   Mr. Ward reported that the quote for an additional CCTV camera was £520; this was not felt to be justifiable expenditure this time.  The Pre-School to be advised to progress their request for an additional monitor independently.

The electrical wiring of the Cardwell Pavilion needs investigation.  Clerk to locate last report.

Millennium Green: Mr.Ward asked if Mr.Williams had received any communication regarding the Deeds, which he had not.

Mr. Bedwell informed members that parts of the LM Field were cordoned off as the Football Club were improving the grass, which had involved 6 tons of topsoil and reseeding.

13.     Planning Report


 The following applications had been considered by the Planning Committee:-



Siting of portakabin adjacent to Pavilion to provide changing room facilities for Hollingbourne FC

Lance Memorial Field, Eyhorne Street, Hollingbourne, Kent



Application for approval of reserved matters including access, appearance, layout and scale.following outline planning permission MA/08/1421 ( permission for the erection of 1 (no) detached dwelling with all matters reserved for future consideration).

Land adjacent to

Claygate House, 3, Claygate,

Hollingbourne, ME17 1XA





An application for consent to remove two Lime trees; both trees being subject to Tree Preservation Order No. 21 of 1987

Hollingbourne Farm, Hollingbourne Hill, ME17 1QJ


14.       Environment   The hedge of Bourneside Terrace is overgrown: Clerk to pursue Maidstone Housing Trust to rectify.

Mr. Williams had received a letter from Hugh Robertson regarding the plan by Network Rail to erect a signal mast.  Clerk to write and thank the MP his letter.  The Council had received a copy from network rail, and could see no objection given that the location will be beyond the station.


15.       Borough Councillors report    nil in the absence of Mrs Parvin.


16.       KIG update  covered elsewhere.


17.       Items for Information  Mrs Baxter sought approval to confirm a booking for the band for the evening event at the 2010 Fete.  It was pointed out that the evening was the only fund raising part of the day for the council, and a £500 booking fee was agreed.

The allocation of the prize money was rigorously discussed following several suggestions, including a sensory garden for the Millennium Green, white gates at the [A20] end of the village, finishing “capping” the Millennium Green bridge, erecting plaques to identify wild flowers, a picnic table and benches.

Action: Dr Bauer to complete application for County Council members fund for gates;

            Mr Ward to approach Sheds and Shelters re picnic table

            Mrs Baxter to pursue idea of Sensory garden.


The meeting closed at 21.30


Date of next meeting:  12 October


Signed as a true record: