September 2012 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on 10th September 2012 in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr M Bedwell (Chairman) Mr A Ward, Mr D Ardley, Mr J Cobbett,

    Mr F Stephenson, Mr A Williams.


Also in attendance: Ms E Lawrence (Clerk) PCSO de Burca and 3 members of the public.


1.                                                                                          Apologies for absence           Co-option candidate (illness)

Mr A Ward (paternity)

Mrs J Whittle. County Councillor

            Mrs Daphne Parvin, Borough Councillor


2.                                          Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests  None



3.                                          Approval of minutes of last meeting


It was resolved that the draft minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted.  The Chairman duly signed the minutes.


4.                                          Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


         The Council wished to congratulate Mr Ward on the safe arrival of a son.

         It was resolved to write to MBC and strongly object to the proposal for warehousing and office accommodation at Junction 8 of the M20. Grounds for objection are: that KCC and MBC spent £3 million opposing the KIG proposals for the same site, that there is no specific requirement to do so, that there is 20% unoccupied office accommodation in the South East, that current traffic problems will increase, that there is no suitable public transport to this site.  Leeds Castle has already been refused permission to hold more events because of traffic congestion. Furthermore, it is a belief of this council that MBC should concentrate on restoring the centre of Maidstone (the County Town) as it is showing serious signs of urban decay. The resultant negative visual impact of such development in an area of green belt land and an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) is unacceptable, and this proposal is not supported by the locally elected representatives (Member of Parliament, Kent County and Maidstone Borough Councillors).

Action: Clerk to write



5.                  Councillor  vacancy    It was resolved to defer this item to give the absent candidate a chance to recover from a riding accident and be present. Action: Clerk to write


6.                  Chairman’s Report    Mr. Bedwell reinforced his concern over MBC’s plans.  He reported on the recent JPG meeting at which it was reiterated that there is confusion over the size of the proposals – namely 15 or 26 hectares. The possibility of using the Detling Aerodrome does not appear to have been properly explored, and MBC has no mandate to increase a new provision for warehousing and office space.  He URGED residents to add to the body of objection by writing individually.

The chairman continued his report , expressing further concern at the potential loss of £6000 income from MBC changing from the former Concurrent Grant system to a new Parish funding scheme.  Currently, the Council is not aware of what will be funded for,  provided by MBC, and to what standard.  HPC has met with MBC officers and is one of a handful of parishes to have done so, whereas other councils have refused to do so.  Members agreed with Mr Bedwell that this did not seem a productive response to a serious potential funding problem.

Mr Bedwell had been contacted regarding the suspicious behaviour of some motorists around Station Approach.  Any further incidents should be reported directly to the Police, using 101.

Further to the article printed in the Parish Magazine, Mr Bedwell firstly offered his commiserations to Mr and Mrs Bennett on the loss of their cat.  He went on to propose that whilst there is a possibility of legal action to keep dogs off the Millennium Green, all activity to transfer ownership and responsibility from the former Trust to the Council

should be suspended.  The proposal was carried with 4 for, 1 abstention and 1 against.

Mr Bedwell continued that when the possibility of such action is negated, the people of Hollingbourne should be the ones to decide on the usage of the Green and by whom as originally the space was acquired for them. 


The meeting was adjourned to allow for public participation and then resumed.



7.                  Crime Report    PCSO de Burca reported that there had been 19 reported crimes in August in the North Downs ward, as compared to 25 last year.  Theft is currently 35% of all reported crime. She encouraged people to look into Country Eye and apply for packs, which will be posted out to those interested.


8.                  Clerk’s Report   The Clerk asked that if any resident remembers The Beatles dining at The Great Danes in the 1960s to please contact Mr Dominic di Cara, the General Manager. Other matters covered elsewhere on the agenda.


9.         Environment Report  Dr Bauer offered to provide compost to the Village Gardeners for tubs etc.  it was noted that there is substantial overgrowth of vegetation at the A20 entrance to the village and still at the hedgerow along the pavement towards station Approach.

           Mr Cobbett reported that a water leak outside his home had taken several days from alerting the service provider to attending/repairing, which is not acceptable when large sums of money are being spent on publicising the need to save water and potential drought.  It was noted that this is not the only such incident of this type to have occurred.

           Mr Williams asked if the litter bin recently provided by MBC and placed at the end of Station Approach could be better used if moved to outside the school, on the school side of the road. Action: Clerk

           Mr Cobbett reported that the site of the Jubilee Beacon is no longer designated as a trig point. (post meeting note: many trig points are being disregarded by the Ordnance Survey because of aerial photography and digital mapping using lasers and GPS measurements)


10.              County Councillors Report     Mrs Whittle sent a report via the Clerk, that work is ongoing for the Speed Camera and a weight limit sign for the Bourne Bridge.








11.                                          Planning Report        









MBC Decision


Replacement rear extension

Greenway Court Barn

ME17 1QE





Conservation Area notification of intention to cut back Willow Tree crowns x 3

Autumn Cottage

Musket Lane




Amendments to previously approved development


The Granary

Smiths Farm

ME17 1Q3





Amendment to MA/11/1962

The Granary

Smiths Farm

ME17 1Q3





Lime Trees

Pilgrims Way

ME17 1RD





The Vicarage

Upper Street

ME17 1UJ


Application to fell x1 sycamore





WTA = Wish to approve

DNWTO = Do Not Wish To Object

RNO = Raise No Objection

TBA = To Be Announced




12.       Finance Report          It was resolved to approve the expenditure (previously circulated) and the cheques were duly signed.  


13.       Parks Report    Mr. Ward sent his report via the Clerk: the kitchen window repair will be undertaken as soon as practicable. He asked for ratification as to requirements of the CCTV maintenance contract.  Members asked for equipment warranty  and inspection frequency details.

            Action: Mr. Ward


14.       Borough Councillors Report    Nil received








15.                   Fete  2013  Mr. Cobbett to confirm date of first 2013 Fete planning meeting,

to be held in October.


16.       Items for Information     Mr. Cobbett reported that there have been 50,000 visitors to the village website to date.  He was thanked for such an informative and up to date site.



Date of next meeting

Monday 8th October 2012 at 7.30pm in the Cardwell Pavilion.





Signed as a true record:





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