Statement from South East Water on supply of water to drivers held on the M20 by Operation Brock.

The Road Haulage Association has already warned several times and again in The Guardian today that lorry drivers could face a 48 hour wait on the M20 between Junction 8 in Hollingbourne and Junction 9 in Ashford after Brexit when the UK is due to leave the EU Customs Union. Up to 2000 lorry drivers could be held on the M20 and Highways England have previously stated that there will be no services for them including the supply of drinking water.

Although most residents along the M20 might supply water from their metered supply to drivers in an emergency, some other arrangement may be  necessary if Operation Brock were to become permanent which presently seems likely. South East Water has the statutory obligation to provide water in the Hollingbourne area and Hollingbourne Parish Council has today received the following statement from South East Water. Please Read More for further information.

South East Water’s Asset and Regulation Director David Hinton said: “Like every other water company, South East Water will always help in an emergency situation when asked to by the lead agencies, such as the government, local authorities and emergency services.

“We also work with Local Resilience Forums across our supply areas to formulate emergency plans for a range of scenarios and this has, in recent times, included preparing for when Britain leaves the European Union.

“Arranging the distribution of drinking water to motorists in the event of delays on the M20 is a matter for our partner agencies to lead on and we would be prepared to offer all support needed.”

Just now Hollingbourne Parish Council has no information about the arrangements for the removal of waste and litter left by lorry drivers on the M20. During Operation Stack in 2015 Kent County Council installed a number of portaloos on the hard shoulder.

Pictured below are some of the lorries stick on the M20 during Operation Stack in 2015 when local Councils supplied bottled water to stranded drivers.

Operation Stack on the M20 in 2015 which ran for over 30 days because of delays at Calais.