Successful WI Shrove Tuesday Pancake Race Event.

On Tuesday 5th March the Hollingbourne Women’s Institute held their annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Race event at the Cardwell Pavilion. As in previous years the event featured races for all ages including children at Hollingbourne County Primary School.

Val Williams of the WI writes: 


Hollingbourne WI marked Shrove Tuesday by organising their 9th Pancake Race, held on the Lance Memorial Field. The Head Teacher organised twenty racing groups plus the staff race which was very popular with the pupils. The 6 school ‘VIP’s, year 6 pupils, ensured that the Race rules were followed, returned all the pans to the start and escorted each winner to collect their rosette. The WI held their own race which was won by Jane Orgill – again. It was good to see the Parents’ race so competitively run. The under -fives took part enthusiastically and were the stars of BBC South East News that evening and the Kent Messenger. Our team in the Cardwell Pavilion served drinks and buns for the pupils and visitors. The event ran very smoothly thanks to the generous help from Keith, Alan and Tony plus volunteers from our District WI’s.
The WI followed the guidelines to avoid food waste: greatly helped by the pupils who kindly ate the unused pancakes and the Hollingbourne hens and birds who finished off the ‘used’ ones.
Thanks to all the visitors from the village who came along to support this terrific event and Shellina Prendergast who ‘volunteered’ to take photographs for us.

Pictures of the event appear below.

Under starters orders for the WI members race.
Some of the winners in the WI race.

No pictures are available of the children’s races because parental permission is required before they can be placed on the Village website.