Suggestions wanted for the name of the road serving the Fernham Homes development. – UPDATED.

Maidstone Borough Council has asked Hollingbourne Parish Council for suggestions for the name of the road which will serve the new Fernham Homes development of twelve houses between Godfrey House and Claygate on the east side of Eyhorne Street. None of the houses are deemed “affordable” and the S106 payment for the houses specified by Kent County Council will be paid for the benefit of Harrietsham Schoool as Hollingbourne County Primary School is oversubscribed.

The developer will also be paying some monies for the benefit of Hollingbourne which may be used for the children’s playground on the Lance Memorial Playing Field or a possible fitness trail through the village. Fernham Homes were not obliged to provide “affordable” housing on the site as it did not meet the threshold of fourteen homes.

Prior to the granting of planning permission earlier this year concern was expressed about the impact of the development on the village sewerage system which has previously had backflow problems and traffic on Eyhorne Street where traffic jams can occur if Detling Hill is closed and the B2149/C603 through Hollingbourne is used as an alternative route over the North Downs.

Over the years there have been a number of minor accidents on the stretch of road at the entrance to the development and a Hollingbourne Parish Council sponsored speed survey of 27,156 vehicles between 12th and 18th September indicated that 62% exceed the speed limit although the average recorded speed was only 32.4mph. During Operation Stack in 2015 when the M20 was used to store vehicles, traffic often tailed backed from Hollingbourne Corner to the development site and this may be repeated because of Operation Brock after Brexit when the M20 between Hollingbourne and Ashford will be used to store lorries.

If you have any ideas for the name of the cul de sac please send them to the Parish Clerk at  or Tel 880526.

UPDATE as of 28th November 2018 – Maidstone Borough Council has advised Hollingbourne Parish Council that Brickfields Close has been selected. Other suggestions such as Blackthorn Walk and Meadow View were rejected because there are other roads with these names in the Borough.

Pictured below is the current position of the site where work is going on behind the screens and an an outline of the plans that were approved in February 2018.

The screens around the Fernham Homes housing site in Eyhorne Street.
The proposed Fernham Homes with twelve houses and none that are “affordable”.