The Eyhorne Street water leak that nobody wants to take responsibility for.

Over the last few weeks there have been significant intermittent water leaks from a manhole in the middle of Eyhorne Street. The matter has been reported to South Easter Water who supply the drinking water for Hollingbourne and their engineer has concluded that it is a “drains” issue. Meanwhile Southern Water who service the drains in Hollingbourne have sent out their engineer who did an “ammonia test” which indicated that the water is not sewerage but fresh water.

The appears every few days and when it does the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area is awash with water for an hour or so after which it stops. It is unlikely to be connected with highway surface water drainage as there has been little rainfall of late.

Just now it seems that South East Water and Southern Water are passing the matter backwards and forwards between each other with nobody accepting responsibility with the result that the problem could go on indefinitely unless a solution is found.

Pictured below is the wet area today around the manhole in the middle of Eyhorne Street as it dries up.

The location of the intermittent Eyhorne Street water leak in March 2019.