The Gurkhas start work on the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust bridge.

Today members of the 36th Engineers Regiment and The Queen’s Gurkha Regiment started work on a bridge over the stream which runs alongside Tilefields Meadow and into the grounds of Grove Mill Cottage where it eventually meets the Hollingbourne “bourne”.

The work is being done a training exercise for the Army with materials provided by the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust. The work is expected to be finished in time for the Mid Summer Night’s picnic on 22nd June.

Pictured below are the vehicles of the Gurkhas. The Hollingbourne Meadows Trust has been asked by the Army that pictures of the actual soldiers involved should not be published and local residents are asked not to photograph them. 

The Gurkhas arriving to start work on the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust Bridge in June 2019.

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