The Labour Party selects their candidate for the General Election on 8th June.

The Labour Party has selected Michael Desmond as their candidate for the Faversham and Mid Kent constituency which includes Hollingbourne. He also stood at the 2015 General election when Mrs Helen Whately was elected for the first time as the Conservative member. At the present time the prospective candidates for the seat on 8th June so far include Mrs Whately, David Naghi for the Liberal Democrats, Alastair Gould of the Green Party, Mark McGiffin for UKIP, and Michael Desmond for Labour.

Michael Desmond writes:-

I’m pleased to have been selected again as Labour candidate for Faversham and Mid Kent and hope to build on the 16.2% vote I received last time. The Prime Minister has indicated she wants this to be an election about Brexit, suggesting she wants a stronger hand in negotiations; the limited information we have implies an incompetent,negligent and naive approach: who in their right mind would include security against terrorism as a bargaining chip, as she did in her Article 50 letter? And why have hard-working nurses, farm workers, those in the hospitality sector, etc who have come over from EU countries and settled here, not been given permanent residency rights from the start? Any deal made (and I suspect negotiations will break down) should be voted upon by Parliament or put to the people in a second referendum. No rational elector should offer a blank cheque.

I would work with KCC to secure a solution to Operation Stack and support there being satellite sites, as well as a permanent one at Folkestone, local residents have been treated with contempt by the Government, who tend to ignore their views because they consider them voting fodder who always elect a Tory MP, no matter what! Things can be different, I will try to make them so.

I oppose over-development and incursion into the green belt and in 2015 persuaded other candidates from mainstream parties to write a joint letter with me opposing plans in Lenham that would have ruined the village.

I have had talks with BT about poor broadband and wifi connections and will further emphasise the need for rural areas to receive the best high-speed facilities available; it is preposterous that most of Romania has a better service than Hollingbourne!

I can be contacted via: or

Kind regards


Michael Desmond

Prospective Labour Party candidate

Faversham and Mid Kent

Pictured below is Michael Desmond.