Update on Parish Council Meeting with South Eastern Trains – query over responsibility for faulty Station Lane lights!

Members of Hollingbourne Parish Council met with the Hollingbourne Station Manager on Monday 27th March to discuss ongoing issues with the Hollingbourne Station and Station Lane including the fact that the lights in Station Lane are defective and that the Lane has become a dumping ground for litter since the recent closure of the Recycling Site at the Eyhorne Street end of the Lane.

It appears that it is not clear who is responsible for maintaining the lights although at least half of the Lane is dark at night and the general view is that the Lane can be dangerous as there is no footpath! It was understood that South Eastern Trains do not wish to spend further money on Hollingbourne Station as their franchise expires in 2018 which means that any repairs to the lights will be the responsibility of Network Rail who have previously declined to respond to requests for action from the Parish Council.

Subsequent to the meeting the Parish Clerk has asked for more details about the arrangements at Hollingbourne for disabled passengers.

Please Read More for the comments from Mr Matthew Fraser, the Station Manager:-

Thanks for taking the time to meet with me on Monday to discuss various issues at Hollingbourne

We covered a few points which I’ll list below, please feel free to correct me or add anything I’ve missed.

  1. Lighting – this was the main concern because of the safety and security issues.  The platform lights are on a separate circuit to the approach road, and whilst most lights are currently working there is a run of 6 at the Eyhorne St end of the approach that has been out for some time.  These require an underground cable replacement, and it remains to be established whether Network Rail will carry out this work or Southeastern will complete and charge Network Rail.  I’ll chase for an update and let you know.
  2. CCTV – there was concern over whether the CCTV was recording as there was a cut cable on the station wall.   This was checked yesterday, and I can confirm that the CCTV is recording normally.
  3. Litter on the approach road verges – my line team attended to the mess at the Eyhorne Street end yesterday and removed around 4 sacks of rubbish.  We’ll continue to monitor and react, but please alert us to any fly tipping that you become aware of.
  4. Entrance to overgrown land off Eyhorne St – I will try and discover more about this and alert Network Rail to the mess that is made on the road in wet conditions.
  5. Use of station building – we would welcome a community project in the building and I will speak to our lettings department to make early enquiries.  I can arrange to meet again with the key to the building if you want to see inside.
  6. Help point – I have requested a new Sim card to be delivered to Maidstone East so that our suppliers can fit into the Hollingbourne unit and bring it back to life.

Feel free to contact me regarding the above or any other issue that you may wish to discuss.

Matthew Fraser

Station Manager, Maidstone

Mob: 07720 421079