Upper Street author publishes new book.

Upper Street resident Philippa Joyner has just published the latest book in her Anouka Chronicles Series for children which is called the Hollow Boathouse.

The Hollow boathouse realises a young female Harry Potter in the making. Here is the link to this third title in Waterstones which takes advantage of a female Harry Potter and her not-quite-so exceeding culinary spells which leads her down a web of tunnels.


Rosa’s world seems ordinary until one day she falls for the charms of a cantankerous boy who pulls her deeper into danger. But Rosa, she’s used to her witchety-Mum and deaf old Dad who bakes eggs to the ceiling. Then there’s Angharad, the miniscule school witch who Rosa despises.
Maybe life at Gheptun’s School of the Black Arts & Gastronomy is more than simply winning at cookery? Perhaps following a pre-destined set of rules is the only way to survive? Or is Rosa in too deep this time?

In all good bookshops and from Waterstones.