Village sign to be refurbished.

Eyhorne Street residents Maria and Dom Chinea have volunteered to refurbish the Village sign on Eyhorne Green and it will shortly be removed for restoration.

The sign was erected some years ago and has suffered from exposure to the weather. Hollingbourne Parish Council is grateful for the offer and other plans for the next year include the replacement of some of the benches around the village and the redecoration of the Cardwell Pavilion, The installation of a defibrillator outside Hollingbourne School is planned and a fitness trail is under consideration. Ideally more defibrillators will be made available in the future in Upper Street and in the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area as they are time critical for effective use.

Pictured below is the Village sign which is not in the same condition as shown on the home page of this website.

Hollingbourne Village Sign on Eyhorne Green at the junction of Musket Lane and Eyhorne Street.