Volunteers wanted for the Hollingbourne Toad Patrol!

Volunteers are wanted for the Hollingbourne Toad Patrol!

Cali Tardevel of Kent Toad Patrol Administration Support writes:

The toad crossing at Hollingbourne (Greenway Court Road) was only reported us last year so the patrol is brand new this year and will be a little bit experimental while we come to understand where the toads are and how busy the associated roads are with traffic.

When we patrol will depend very much on the weather. Toads start to migrate when the evening temperatures reach 8-10C and they prefer wet weather. We normally find that most patrolling occurs from late February to March. The toads move after dark and we try to concentrate on patrolling the roads at evening rush hour when we can save the most animals from being squashed. Normally this means around 5-7.30pm.

Cali can be contacted at:

Mobile – 07713040153
Kent Toad Patrol admin support

More information is at https://kentarg.org/project/kent-toad-patrol/


Pictured below are toads saved on a recent Patrol in Kent.