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09 JANUARY 2019

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Fake TV Licensing Emails Received By Thousands

Be aware – there have been more than 5,000 reports about fake TV Licensing emails in the last 3 months. In December 2018 alone, 200 reports were made, with victims reporting a total loss of £233,455. The banks say they cannot reimburse customers who have mistakenly authorised payments to fraudsters.

How It Works
• An email is received about TV licence payments/refunds.
• The payment/refund link is to a “genuine-looking” website.
• Personal and bank details are requested on a fake form.
• Within two weeks, the criminals call, claiming to be from the fraud department of the victim’s bank.
• They tell the victim that fraudulent activity has taken place on their account and to transfer their money to a new “safe account”.

Protect Yourself
• Never answer unsolicited emails.
• Don’t assume a phone call or email is authentic.
• Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information
• TV Licensing will never email you, unprompted, to ask for bank/personal details or tell you about a refund.
• Your bank will never ask for your PIN, password, or to transfer money out of your account.
What To Do If You’ve Fallen Victim
• Let your bank know as soon as possible and monitor your accounts regularly for unusual activity.
• If you have lost money to the scammers, contact Kent Police by calling 101
TV Licensing offers helpful information on scam emails here

If you have received this scam email please report it.

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