Wildlife Haven needs public help

Public help is needed to help buy an area of farmland on the edge of Hollingbourne to ensure its future as a wildlife haven.

The land, if successfully purchased could join two ancient woods already owned by the Woodland Trust Charity at the Hucking Estate, near Thurnham.

The 61 acres, which runs from Collyers Wents at Bicknor to Allington Farm, Hollingbourne, would provide a continuous protective corridor for wildlife, of more than 740 acres in total.

“Hucking, not only has ancient woodland, but is also home to rare and at least 10 threatened bird species, 21 different butterflies, and three species of bat. The larger the area of tree cover we have, the more resilient and healthy the estate will be, making sure the North Downs landscape is fit for the future.” Mr Clive Stewart, Woodland Trust

The land has been offered by a private landowner and the trust would like tot secure it by the end of the year. It hopes the public will help it raise the £400,000 to extend the estate.

If the woodland trust succeeds in raising the money the area will be allowed to regenerate with self-sowing saplings establishing a new wood. a small area will be planted with trees and other areas will remain as managed chalk grassland.

Visit Woodland Trust for more information and to donate towards the land purchase.