Witnesses sought for overnight damage to Hollingbourne streetlight. – UPDATED.

Hollingbourne Parish Council would like to hear from anyone who has information about the overnight damage to the street light opposite to the new Fernham Homes development in Brickfields Close. At the time of writing the Parish Council is endeavouring to make arrangements to secure the light in order to make it safe.

It appears that the light in Eyhorne Street was hit several feet above the ground and has marks just above the base and below the lantern. The light is the responsibility of the Parish Council any information about the incident would be appreciated. If you have any information please contact the Parish Clerk (Tel 880526) or e-mail: pchollingbourne@gmail.com or any member of the Parish Council.

UPDATE at 18.00 hours – The light has been dismantled and made safe and will be repaired after the Christmas break. At the moment it is unclear whether the Parish Council’s insurance policy will cover the full cost of repairs so any information about who was responsible for the damage is welcome.

Pictured below is Streetlight number 8 from various angles.

The damaged streetlight opposite Brickfields Close in December 2018.
The damaged streetlight in Hollingbourne looking down Eyhorne Street in December 2018.
The damaged streetlight with Godfrey Meadow in the background in December 2018.