Would you be interested in joining a Community Shop working group?

Following the announcement by Christopher Rudgard at the June 2019 Parish Council Meeting that he intends to retire in January 2020 resulting in the closure of the Hollingbourne Village Shop, Eyhorne Street resident Maria Domican has stepped forward with a proposal to form a working group with a view to taking over the shop in due course. 

Maria would like to hear from any residents who might be interested in hearing from any residents who might wish to become involved. One of her ideas is to conduct a survey of all Hollingbourne residents to find out what they want from a Community Shop. She can be contacted at hollingbournevillageshop@gmail.com

If Christopher’s Village Shop closes in January 2020 the nearest shops and Post Offices will be at least three miles away in Bearsted and Harrietsham. The present Shop, which has suffered from falling sales due to fewer newspapers being read and cigarettes being smoked, is a lifeline to many residents especially those who do not have access to a car and who have to rely on a public transport service which is being cut back.

Pictured below are Christopher Rudgard and Maria Domican.

Christopher Rudgard and Maria Domican in the Hollingbourne Village Shop in June 2019.